The new generation of cabinet companies to complete the counterattack still needs to specialize in market segments

The cabinet industry is still in a stage of rapid development. Although competition in the industry has been extremely fierce, there are still new cabinet companies joining. For cabinet companies, the 'natural environment' is no longer sufficient to support their own development, especially the new generation of cabinet companies should pay more attention to tapping their own markets and resources, to better complete the upgrade counterattack with sophisticated routes.

  The new generation of cabinet companies must recognize the gap

   In the fierce reshuffle period of the industry, due to the unstable brand structure, except for a few brands that have formed a 'development trendSo how can the new generation of cabinet companies succeed in taking the position in the face of the powerful faction of the big game expansion?

   First of all, recognize the gap and avoid blind expansion as a prerequisite. Regardless of whether the new generation of small and medium-sized cabinet companies are willing to admit, 'Born a few years later, naturally they will eat less food for a few years.' The gap in enterprise development is naturally inevitable. For this part of cabinet companies, it is necessary to recognize the difference with the powerful big names. Don’t follow the trend blindly. Before making strategic planning, remember to weigh your pockets to see if you have enough confidence and ability to avoid “laughing and generous”; secondly, it is fundamental to cultivate professionalism and strive to be strong.

   Stick to the market segment and concentrate on completing the counterattack

   Any enterprise that wants to develop is to 'rely on the earth instead of relying on itself'. Instead of worrying about the meat in the bowl of others, it is better to guard the meat in your own bowl. Therefore, these cabinet companies should stick to their own cabinet market when others are expanding aggressively, complete their product upgrades with dedicated spirit and technological innovation, and gain a firm foothold with the momentum of specialization, even when they are expanding their businesses. When the product category is distracting, find the right time, surprise, and successfully counterattack; finally, in addition to having enough knowledge and accumulation of strength, it is also necessary for the company to keep up with the pace of development of the times and find the right time and conditions.

  The expansion of the cabinet business is to recognize the background of the 'big home' era, but the era is constantly evolving, what is the future trend, and how the future era will develop, it still needs 'new generations' to do it all the time Be prepared and wait for the opportunity.
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