The marketing innovation of cabinet enterprises must fit the Internet wave

The development of the Internet and e-commerce has profoundly affected the cabinet industry. Cabinet companies must not only change the path of brand communication around the user experience, but also digitize the behaviors in the operation process to better improve operating efficiency and fit the Internet wave. Marketing innovation.

  Brand communication path has changed

   The Internet has completely broken the information barrier, allowing users to obtain information anytime, anywhere. The information asymmetry between sellers and buyers is gradually disappearing. Therefore, the business that used to make money by information asymmetry will face death. At the same time, users are no longer easily fooled, and the saying 'buyers do not have sellers' is being rewritten. Therefore, doing a good job of cabinet products and doing a good user experience will be the only way for enterprises.

   The dissemination of information will transition from centralized to parallel dissemination. The path of brand dissemination of cabinet companies will be greatly changed, and word of mouth becomes the main basis for user dissemination. How to make customers like your products and services from the heart becomes the criterion for considering your business.

  Enterprises have 'Internet anxiety'

   In the past, the decision makers of companies knew who their opponents were, but now, there is no way to know where the enemy will come from. Crossing borders has become an important trend. Therefore, due to major changes in the market environment, the old rules of the game have gradually failed, and the new rules have not yet been established. Business decision-makers can easily get lost at this stage. The period of alternation between the old and the new rules created widespread 'Internet anxiety.'

  The Internetization of traditional enterprises, especially those of non-standard product manufacturing enterprises, is neither simply opening stores on Taobao and, nor is it a purely self-built O2O platform, but requires a comprehensive system that allows enterprises to step by step and have The orderly connection to the Internet will eventually achieve the full Internetization of cabinet companies.

   Marketing Channels Realize Internet

  Cabinet companies can build their own O2O platform to solve the Internetization of existing marketing channels, that is, a system from headquarters-agent-retail terminal. At the same time, e-commerce, stores, mobile terminals and other product sales channels are integrated with data to achieve effective precipitation of data, to achieve standardization of terminal operations through data, and to establish a new type of corporate driving force with data as an asset. Electronic and mobile business or sales management. That is, the original marketing-related behaviors are digitized through the mobile Internet to improve efficiency.

   Infiltrate business management into terminal stores, digitize various operating behaviors of terminals, realize effective monitoring and support of terminals through digitization, and realize effective links between headquarters and terminals, headquarters and users. The internal management of cabinet enterprises and the mobile electronic management of upstream suppliers. Realize real-time information transmission to improve the overall operating efficiency of the enterprise.
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