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The most important thing in a minimalist style kitchen design is of course to choose a minimalist style cabinet. This is one of the most used styles nowadays. It can be used as small as an apartment or as large as a villa. The door panels are mostly flat-shaped, which is relatively simple and easy to clean. U-painted panels, melamine panels, and high-gloss molded cabinets are more in line with the fashionable and modern feeling, satisfying the need to spend too much time in a hurry. There are many different colors to match the needs of these people. The minimalist style cabinets abandon the gorgeous decoration, the lines are simple and clean, and pay more attention to the color matching, from bright red, yellow, purple to bright blue, green and other colors are applied. This style is also easier to match with other spaces. It is unconstrained and does not require high decorative materials, which may be the reason for its widespread popularity.
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