The kitchen is no longer built with cabinets on the wall. The floor is raised 30 cm, and they are all placed underneath. It’s really wit.

The kitchen should be the focus of storage at home, usually custom oversized cabinets or wall cabinets, or install partitions on the wall. But the owner below is amazing. He actually raised the floor of the kitchen at home by 30 cm, and stuffed a large storage space underneath, where all the kitchen sundries are hidden. Have you ever seen such a design? Move to the official account →: 'Where to decorate?Unit type: Duplex Area: 108 square meters Residents: A blackboard wall is installed just after entering the door of a family of 3, which can be used as a message board at home, so that you will see it every day when you enter and go out, and occasionally paint on it as a decoration The role of. What should I do if the entrance at home is too long? Then learn from the owner. Not only did he hang a lot of decorative paintings on the wall, he also designed an extra-long partition with a lot of things on it! It makes up for the lack of a hallway cabinet, increases the storage space, and makes the hallway look less monotonous, which can kill two birds with one stone. Turning to the right of the hallway is the living room and kitchen. The two double sofas in the living room are placed in an L-shaped position, which is very suitable for a family of three. In order to increase ventilation and lighting, the owner also opened four small windows on the wall, which is a bit high. , It is very troublesome to open and close windows. From this point of view, there is still a lot of difference between the floor height of the kitchen dining room and the living room, which makes the layout design of the home more layered and can give people a novel visual experience without too much decoration. There are cabinets under the raised floor of the kitchen. The owner also installed light strips in the cabinets to make it easier to find things, and there is no need to worry about tripping over when walking at night. In fact, the situation like this owner's house is not suitable for everyone. Don't try it lightly in the owner's house with low floor height, otherwise the kitchen space is too short and it feels very depressing. It is recommended to use a villa or a single-family house with a larger space as a reference. In order to increase the storage space, the owner also installed partitions on the walls of the stairs, which can also be used as desks, making full use of the 1 square meter space at the corner of the stairs to add a study room at home! There is a leisure space next to the bedroom on the second floor. The large floor-to-ceiling windows bring plenty of light. There is also a small balcony outside, where you can enjoy your leisure time. The owner moved the sink outside in the bathroom. Even if someone is taking a shower, people outside can still brush their teeth and wash their faces. It is really much more convenient, and there is no need to worry about the wash cabinet getting damp and moldy. This design is very popular now.
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