The kitchen appliance industry ushered in changes, infrared stoves have an impact on traditional stoves

In 2014, what are the things to look forward to in the kitchen appliance industry? The establishment of Chuzhibao's 'Dissident Center' is undoubtedly the firmest answer. On March 15, 2014, the Chuzhibao Dissent Center was officially established in Zhongshan, Guangdong. This move surprised many industry peers. According to the announcement published on the official website of Chuzhibao, the purpose and purpose of the establishment of the Dissent Center is to extensively collect and answer the opinions and suggestions of all consumers and industry insiders on Chuzhibao and the entire kitchen appliance industry. In layman's terms, it means to 'seeking criticism' from consumers across the country on behalf of the kitchen appliance industry.

  'This is the harbinger of the category war in the stove market.' Insiders pointed out sharply that the kitchen appliance industry is about to usher in a new round of product changes, that is, infrared stoves will have a huge impact on traditional stoves. Under this background As the leader in the field of infrared stoves, Chuzhibao communicates with consumers at zero distance through the 'Dissident Center'. It goes without saying that it is preparing for the upcoming battle of the stove category with 'people's hearts' and 'products'.

The announcement of   Kitchen Treasure also stated that this move is based on the attitude of being responsible for the products, consumers, and the industry, listening to the voice of consumers' kitchen life, and urging consumers to participate in the future of China's kitchen appliances. Correspondingly, Chuzhibao’s offline activities are aimed at 8 major regional markets, launching 8 'conferences with different chefsGet rich right away!' Awarded dissident solicitation activity.

  Alongside: Admire its courage and wait and see its effects

  'For the entire kitchen appliance industry, this is the first time for such a wide-ranging and frank acceptance of consumer criticism. But it is hard to say how effective this can be.' An industry surnamed Chen The colleagues say so. It is reported that in the kitchen appliance industry, there are many people who hold the same views as Mr. Chen. Many people believe that there are certain risks in doing so. On the one hand, if there are few participants and no substantive 'dissents' are raised, the event can easily be regarded as 'just a show'; on the other hand, if there are many participants, the 'dissidents' raised are very sharp. , The enterprise is difficult to parry, and easy to get angry.

   There are also some industry insiders who expressed strong approval and support for the event. They believe that such activities conform to the country's current theme of enlightenment and transparency, and echo the general direction and themes advocated by the country. Injecting a gust of fresh air into the current mixed kitchen appliance industry will help purify the haze of the kitchen appliance industry and promote the healthy development of the industry.

   'No waves without wind!' A kitchen appliance distributor told reporters that the establishment of the 'Dissident Center' by Chuzhibao to actively seek consumer criticism is related to the rising market trend of infrared stoves, and the purpose of this move, It aims to win the 'people's heart' for the upcoming infrared stove war through zero-distance communication with consumers.
   Consumer: It feels very fresh, I hope it will last for a long time

   It is reported that before deciding to establish a 'Dissident Center\% Of consumers’ attitude towards this matter is that it feels very fresh, hoping for a long time, and said that they really have some suggestions for kitchen facilities, but 'I don’t know if they are useful.' 21% of consumers believe that this is just a service show made by the manufacturer for 3.15, like an advertisement, but Chuzhibao has the courage to take the initiative to make an advertisement of 'seeking criticism for criticism'. About 12% of consumers also said that they don’t care and don’t care.

  For such survey results, industry analysts believe that there is a certain degree of persuasiveness, but they cannot yet be optimistic about the results of the 'Dissident Center' operation. If you want to truly listen to the voice of consumers in the kitchen and allow consumers to participate in the future of China's kitchen appliances, Kitchen Treasure must be implemented in at least three aspects.

   First of all, you can't be a good man, and you must face any 'dissidents' raised by consumers without shrinking from it. Communicate frankly and openly with a frank heart. Secondly, we can’t avoid the most important and selective communication. Even if some sharp questions are difficult to answer and solve for the time being, we must clearly report them. Third, we can’t 'three minutes of blood'. Cognition also requires a long process.
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