The kitchen appliance industry lacks corresponding standards, and no one predicts the future development path

With the improvement of people's living standards, the kitchen appliance industry is also sought after by more people. However, the lack of corresponding standards for kitchen appliance integration greatly hinders the future development of the kitchen appliance industry.

   Kitchen and electricity integration lacks corresponding standards

   It is understood that the emergence of kitchen and electricity integration can not only allow consumers to design according to their own preferences, but also greatly save time and cost. Choose different brands of kitchen appliances, and then customize the cabinet installation according to the requirements of kitchen appliances. Obviously, this is not the real integration of kitchen and electricity. At the same time, a large number of invoices from different brands and different providers often cause consumers to be overwhelmed when problems arise.

   From the perspective of sales channels, kitchen appliances are mainly sold in stores or specialty stores (of course, some of them are sold in the building materials market), while cabinet products are mostly sold in the building materials market. Usually, when consumers are decorating their kitchens, they have to shuttle back and forth between specialty stores, hardware and building materials markets, and KA stores, which is miserable.

   Consumers want to get it right once and for all, but they are unwilling because of lack of brand loyalty. At present, most of them are purchased by classification, but the installation and after-sales service is time-consuming and labor-intensive. I believe this is an annoying thing that every consumer who has gone through renovation will encounter.

   Consumers are still the leading role in purchasing

   It is understood that there is a lack of unified standards for the combination of non-standard products and standard products; lack of a unified and powerful force to promote; lack of a brand that consumers can fully trust. This is the current process of kitchen-electricity integration The biggest embarrassment. The integration of kitchen and electricity, apart from other, lighter categories, is essentially the integration of cabinets and various kitchen appliances. The two have different standards, different attributes, and each perform its own duties. If they are to be unified together, who will lead?

   Although the answer is not yet available, the immature status quo is obvious-the leading role is still the consumer who lacks professional experience. In the consumer survey report, consumers who choose and purchase independently account for more than 70%. Behind this situation is the lack of power of kitchen appliances and cabinet companies in the topic of kitchen appliances integration.

   cabinet kitchen appliance enterprises need deep breakthroughs

   It is intriguing that whether it is a cabinet company or a kitchen appliance company, they have a rather detached view of who will lead. The profit is huge and the prospects are bright. But there is no standard and no strong brand. As an industry insider said, 'This is a feast, but due to various reasons, it can only be eaten with a small bite and cannot be eaten'-from the product level, it is difficult for various product categories to fit together organically; from the power behind In terms of multi-party complementarity, each party is in charge of each other.

   This is the status quo of the development of kitchen-electricity integration so far. The integration of kitchen appliances can truly realize the harmony between category and category and between enterprises and enterprises. It is urgent for the cabinet and kitchen appliance enterprises to make breakthroughs to a deeper level.
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