The investment strategy of small and medium cabinet enterprises needs to be adjusted, management and operation are equally important

After experiencing the double attack of the downturn in the real estate market and rising production costs, some small and medium-sized cabinet companies have 'suffered'. If cabinet SMEs want to open up more consumer groups and enter the road of healthy development, they must adjust the correct investment strategy at the right time, so that dealers and enterprises can achieve a win-win model.

   Now many small and medium-sized cabinet companies are fiercely competing for brand building and channel building. Some cabinet companies implement the strategy of 'steady and steady progress, step by step'. They are relatively low-key, good at timing, formulating strategies, and laying a solid foundation for the company. Implement phased brand expansion business.

   cabinet business investment management and operation are equally important

   The success or failure of a cabinet business in attracting investment is often the basis for determining the future market position of the company. This is the basic status of the domestic cabinet industry in the early stage, including a large number of strong cabinet brands in the industry, the initial market chaos and the attraction of profits. Let a large number of operators win the first pot of gold. The chaotic market and speculative behavior are not only the beginning of happiness, but also the seeds of pain and hidden dangers. Because the large-scale investment promotion has won countless operating funds for the company, the management and operation work after the investment invitation has made the company miserable, and even the serious shortage of supporting work has led to the decline of the company. And so far, some cabinet companies are still moving. Follow the path of 'recruit first, then govern'.

  Small and medium-sized cabinet enterprise investment promotion advertisements boast serious

   Nowadays, there is a phenomenon of over-exaggeration and empty boasting in the investment promotion advertisements seen in the media. Some of the investment promotion advertisements of cabinet companies are to seek momentum, and some are to show their ambitious brand plans to win the favor of channels. Small and medium-sized cabinet companies always want to be a first-class brand, and within a few years to be national, and boast of their own advantages. Apart from such a good point, it seems that there are no shortcomings. It is more suspicious than just bragging. In turn, think about your strength, your production capacity, whether your service can be in place, whether your investment management can be done well, and a series of training, support, promotion, and distribution systems. Large national enterprises cannot fully achieve the above-mentioned degree.

  Small and medium-sized enterprises should pay more attention to strategy and stage in attracting investment. Under the current fierce competition, small and medium-sized cabinet companies should be more realistic. It is better to brag about their shortcomings and show their determination to win the attention of channels. , And the over-exaggerated market effect and profit model can only attract pure speculators and channels to doubt investors.
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