The introduction of service standards and specifications, the cabinet industry has entered the era of refined service

When buying cabinets, have you thought about the following after-sales questions: How long is the normal service life of the whole cabinet? What do the warranty period and warranty period mean? How to determine the starting time of the cabinet warranty period? Is the warranty period of the artificial stone countertop the same as the warranty period of the cabinet? If you haven't had time to consider the above issues, it doesn't matter, it's not too late to understand. Because the country has strictly regulated the cabinet after-sales service, the 'Integrated Cabinet Service Specification' will be formally implemented within this year.

  The first cabinet industry service standard was formally implemented within the year

  The whole cabinet has become an important part of home decoration. Recently, China's first cabinet industry service standard 'Integrated cabinet after-sales service specification' jointly drafted and applied by the Cabinet Committee of the Furniture and Decoration Chamber of Commerce of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and major cabinet companies has passed the approval of the Ministry of Commerce and will be officially implemented this year. This standard will fill the gap in the standard for after-sales service management in my country's overall cabinet industry, provide legal protection for consumers, and eliminate the worries of rights protection.

   According to Zhang Qing, the head of Debei Cabinet, a local participating unit in Chengdu, the 'Specifications for Integrated Cabinet After-sales ServiceAs a cabinet company and distributor, do not regard after-sales as a burden, but as a platform to open up a 'second battlefield'.

Yi Zhong, general manager of   Better Cabinet, believes that only by raising service and marketing to the same level, cabinet companies can produce complementary effects; Chen Yong, general manager of Yiyou Cabinet, said that service is the core connotation of the brand, especially as a customization For the cabinet industry with significant chemical properties, it is even more important.

Interpretation of    'norm'

  The cabinet industry enters the era of refined service

   In the context of increasingly fierce market competition and increasing consumer awareness of rights protection, gradually integrating the resource advantages of the cabinet industry, building corporate brands and forming a systematic and standardized after-sales service guarantee system have become a new development trend in the cabinet industry. The return of products and services will lead to a major upgrade of the cabinet industry consumption in 2014. For cabinet companies, there must also be formal industry standards to regulate the healthy operation of the entire environment. The promulgation of the 'Overall Cabinet Service Specification' will push the cabinet industry into an era of comprehensive and refined service.

  Interpretation 1: Professional training certificate service

  'Integrated Cabinet Service Specification' applies to all brand integrated custom cabinets on the market. The after-sales service content also includes the product design, manufacturing, warehousing, Activities such as transportation, installation, acceptance, return visits, repairs, and maintenance. The service personnel should be trained in professional skills, etiquette, communication skills, and behavioral standards, and have corresponding work skills. In the service, attention should be paid to certificate-holding service, tidy clothing, timely performance of contract, civilized service, and courteous service.

  Interpretation 2: Clearly stipulate the delivery cycle

  Delayed delivery has always been a key issue in cabinet after-sales service complaints. The 'Overall Cabinet Service Specification' implemented this time provides clear suggestions and specifications for the delivery cycle of cabinets.

  Interpretation 3: Clearly stipulate the protection before installation

  Before installation, service personnel should clean up the construction area and installation area. Protective mats should be laid on the operation area. Tools, parts, and materials should be placed in an orderly manner. If necessary, pre-protection measures should be taken for other items of customers.

  Interpretation 4: Completion cleaning is done by service personnel

  The service personnel are responsible for on-site cleaning and inspection after the completion of the project, including at least: cleaning the cabinets so that there is no debris and obvious dust inside and outside the cabinets; removing the protective film on the door panel surface.

  Interpretation 5: Consumers' consent is required to use toilets

   Shoe covers should be worn when entering the scene. If you need to use the customer's bathroom, you should obtain the customer's consent in advance. Do not enter guest rooms, bedrooms and other areas that have nothing to do with the workplace.

  Interpretation 6: The warranty period is not less than the minimum stipulated period

  The service party shall provide the cabinet product manual and warranty and quality warranty certificate, and the warranty scope and warranty period shall be specified in the certificate. The scope and duration of the warranty shall not be less than the minimum stipulated period.

  Interpretation Seven: Time Limit for After-sales Feedback

  After the customer signs and confirms the acceptance of the product, the service party shall arrange a return visit by a special person within 3 working days. During the return visit, information such as customer complaints and complaints, process improvement suggestions or product quality problems should be collected and recorded. If the customer’s problem is not resolved or the problem reappears during the return visit, the service personnel should be arranged to come to the door again.
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