The Internet spurs the trillions of home furnishings market

The development of the cabinet industry in recent years has bid farewell to the previous era of huge profits and blowouts, and gradually tends to ease. Coupled with the impact of the property market, the rise of raw materials and labor costs, the development of the cabinet industry has encountered a small 'impediment' in the rapid progress. At the moment when the development of the industry is gradually slowing down, if cabinet companies want to break through the current bottlenecks, they need to make full efforts in products and services. Coupled with the advent of the Internet era, if cabinet companies can use this 'dongfeng' skillfully, it may be useful for development. The new market can get twice the result with half the effort.

   'Electricity' may ease the pressure of market competition

  According to relevant survey reports, the development of the cabinet industry in 2014 was somewhat unsatisfactory, and some negative aspects were exposed one after another. This has nothing to do with the overall market environment. For example, housing purchase restrictions inhibited consumers’ purchase needs and business difficulties. Increase, fierce market competition, withdrawal of businesses, declining rents, increased costs, and so on. Under heavy pressure, the performance of cabinet companies has declined and it is difficult to operate. These market chaos also directly caused the development of cabinet companies to fall into a predicament. Facing the current market environment, many cabinet companies expressed their hope to develop e-commerce. On the one hand, they can use e-commerce to grasp the consumption trend of the times, and on the other hand, they also hope to ease the pressure of market competition through e-commerce. However, due to the particularity of the industry, the cabinet industry has not yet had particularly successful cases and mature models involved in the e-commerce field, and most first-line brands are still in the exploratory stage.

   cabinet e-commerce development needs to explore new models

   So far, many cabinet companies have tried to embark on the journey of e-commerce. However, the biggest problem for cabinet companies taking the path of e-commerce is how to break through the original dealer network of traditional stores and find a new development direction. From this point of view, enterprise transformation becomes more urgent. In this era of turbulent e-commerce, how cabinet companies should satisfy the strong desires of consumers is the focus. E-commerce penetration of the cabinet industry is accelerating, and this will also be the direction of many cabinet companies. However, companies should not blindly converge because of trends. They have to make decisions based on their own circumstances. They must not be blind. At the moment, only doing a good job of products and services is the kingly way, and in this way can we truly embrace e-commerce.
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