The Internet continues to be hot, the integrated stove is fully developed to achieve overtaking in corners

Looking back on 2014, under the background of comprehensively deepening reforms, China's economy has entered a new normal of development. While the economy has shifted from high-speed growth to medium-to-high speed growth, the structure has been continuously optimized and upgraded, and the endogenous driving force for development and the vitality of innovation continue to emerge. At the same time, the decision-makers are also clearly aware that my country’s economic operation is still facing many difficulties and challenges, the downward pressure on the economy is greater, the pain of structural adjustment is emerging, the difficulties in enterprise production and operation are increasing, and some economic risks are emerging. Under the'new normal', the economic structure is shifting from incremental capacity expansion to in-depth adjustment of stock adjustments and optimal incremental coexistence. The driving force for economic development is shifting from traditional growth points to new ones.

  The Internet age continues to be hot

   This year, the Internet industry has developed by leaps and bounds, and it is brilliant. At present, the number of netizens in my country has exceeded 600 million, with an Internet penetration rate of 46.9%, making it the world's largest 'Internet power' in terms of netizens, with more than 300 million smartphones in use nationwide. Data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology show that in 2014 the scale of information consumption will reach 2.8 trillion yuan, an increase of 25% year-on-year, which means that information consumption has become a new engine of economic development. There are countless business elites who have joined the entrepreneurial wave of the mobile Internet, and they have to face the newly emerging entrepreneurs born in the 90s. This means that the Internet industry has become a new driving force for overtaking at corners of the Chinese economy.

   In recent years, e-commerce has developed explosively. More and more people are keen on online shopping. There is a surge in e-commerce entrepreneurship, and the competition among major shopping malls is like a rivalry. For the integrated stove industry, electric shock is also the general trend. After all, traditional methods have gradually been unable to meet the development of the current enterprise. Only by finding a different way can the integrated stove make new achievements in new fields. With the rise of integrated stove e-commerce, more and more home furnishing stores and integrated stove dealers are feeling the pressure from the Internet, and some people even think that traditional stores will disappear with the development of e-commerce. According to industry insiders, the essence of e-commerce is retail, which is to kill dealers, which makes many traditional integrated stove dealers feel pressured.

  Product innovation is still the main theme

  The new generation continues to emerge, and the current mainstream consumption has been changing with this special group. Faced with the consumer groups born in the 80s and 90s, they pay more attention to specificity and integrated stoves in addition to the practicality of consumption. The unique aspect of the product. Various industries are following this development trend and constantly digging new things to attract the attention of the new generation. This trend also allows the integrated stove industry to usher in a new development space.

   At present, integrated stove companies develop and produce integrated stoves according to market demand, but in many cases the size of this traditional mode of production is difficult to meet the requirements, and the traditional style of integrated stoves has been difficult to meet consumers' personal needs. Preferences. Consumers in the new market have new requirements for the product model and color of the integrated stove. These are all difficulties that the integrated stove companies need to overcome. The integrated stove companies can only adapt to the current market environment by continuously strengthening innovation.

  Environmental protection is a trend

   With the introduction of the most stringent environmental protection law, haze weather is rampant in major cities, environmental protection topics have always been the focus of people's discussion, and the public's environmental awareness is gradually increasing. The term'low-carbon environmental protection' has become a concept and goal in people's daily life and work. With the advent of the low-carbon economy era, low-carbon home furnishings have also received increasing attention, and the integrated stove market will also be biased towards new, reasonable, and high-value-added products. Industry insiders said that integrated stove companies need to break the mindset, re-position their products in the market, respond to market changes, grasp the consumer demand characteristics of green consumers, and truly seize market opportunities to win profits.
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