The internal competition of the cabinet industry does not divide the class, and the enterprise launches a new game

With the end of the Golden Week of November, the light of 'Golden Nine and Silver Ten' has gradually weakened, and the promotion season of the cabinet industry is also coming to an end. However, the competition in the cabinet industry has just begun, which means that cabinet companies must be sufficiently psychologically prepared to learn not to be dominated by price wars and start a game war under the new competitive model.

  The prosperity of the peak season is enough to cover up the ills of the industry

   The Mid-Autumn Festival in September and the National Day in October, the two successive traditional festivals have brought huge profits to the cabinet business, but also laid the groundwork for future development. Whether it is good or bad, it depends on the strength of the cabinet business. say. The most important part of the strength of an enterprise is the capital base. The strong financial strength is something that all large, medium and small cabinet companies want to own and maintain for a long time.

   In the peak season, the prosperity of the cabinet market is sufficient to cover up any ills in the industry, including gaps between enterprises. But when the peak season is over, it is like the tide receding, the hidden rocks and shallow pits are revealed, and the most real situation is revealed in front of people. The same is true for the cabinet industry. After the peak promotion season has passed, all companies want to go smoothly from the market. Financing must be based on real skills.

   Now, the competition within the industry has long been regardless of class, and the competition between large, medium and small cabinet companies has become increasingly complex and chaotic. Moreover, this year is coming to an end, and companies also need to lay a solid foundation for the coming year.

   Cabinet companies face challenges from opponents

   If cabinet companies want to maintain their own strength in the future competition, they must expand more profitable space for the company during the peak season. Therefore, cabinet companies will inevitably increase their efforts to attract consumers in the next twenty days, the competition in the industry will inevitably intensify, and the market trend will change almost every day. Not only are small and weak cabinet companies facing a huge survival crisis, but large cabinet companies are also facing challenges from their peers.

   Moreover, next year's market will have more severe tests, and major cabinet companies must fight hard for themselves to gain a firm foothold in the coming year. Once large enterprises attack, even if small cabinet companies have three heads and six arms, it is difficult to ensure their own safety. Therefore, small cabinet companies will increase the production of products and continue to take advantage of low prices to compete for the market.

   In short, the competition of cabinet companies will inevitably become more intense in the near future, and the changes in the industry will also be elusive, and the crisis of cabinet companies will inevitably increase.
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