The implementation of multi-brand strategy has advantages and disadvantages, cabinet enterprises should develop in order

When the cabinet market is about to reshuffle, the industry often presents two development trends-large and complete or small and refined. Some cabinet brands continue to serialize to meet the needs of the public, and even launch new brands for diversified development, and some cabinet companies may Focus on intensive cultivation in some niche market segments. In fact, the multi-brand strategy seems to be full of nuggets, but it is also full of risks.

  Multi-brand strategy implementation has pros and cons

  The implementation of the multi-brand strategy can undoubtedly increase the sales of cabinet companies. Multi-channel attack and orderly development are the situation that the helm of every company wants. The implementation of multi-brands in the enterprise is definitely because the company already has a brand that performs well in the market, and the future development momentum is also very good. Add another brand to meet the needs of different consumer groups, thereby increasing profits for cabinet companies.

   The main brand has developed well. Different marketing teams will operate the sub-brands in the market. It will be difficult for new brands to go public. The marketing team will inevitably misuse the resources of the old brand. Channel resources must be the first choice .

  In actual operation, most major brand channel vendors will also operate the sub-brands of cabinet companies at the same time, and operate multiple brands of the company at the same time in the same channel. The benefits can increase the sense of belonging of the channel vendors and the brands can be listed quickly, but The shortcomings are also obvious. The operation team and resources of the channel business cannot enable multiple brands to be able to go hand in hand at the same time, and the marketing team also makes the company's brands collide with each other because of the competition for channel resources, but the company's own Brands fight, hinder development, and benefit competitors.

  The implementation of multi-brand strategy must develop in order

  Marketing resources are always scarce resources in cabinet companies. If cabinet companies want to take the lead in the fierce market competition, they need to invest in marketing resources that are proportional to the rate of return. In the course of the company’s multi-brand strategy, marketing resources There will be overlaps and repetitions in the placement of, and there will be competition.

   Many of the current cabinet companies lack reasonable planning in the allocation of marketing resources. There are too many human aspects in the management and control of resources. The main brand of the cabinet company has been formed, and the sub-brands are in all aspects. If there is a shortage, the cabinet company will invest resources in the sub-brand, and when the main brand is attacked by the market, it will transfer resources to protect the main brand. Each brand of cabinet companies faces different consumer groups, but the crossover of resources will result in waste of resources and ultimately damage to the overall brand.

   The multi-brand strategy implemented by cabinet companies is also to enable the company to develop and occupy a larger market share and lay the foundation for the development of the company. However, for the company's multi-brand strategy to develop in an orderly manner, it is necessary to segment the market. And research.
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