The impact of the implementation of the new consumption law on the online shopping market of customized cabinets

With the introduction of new regulations in the new consumer law, the interests of consumers will be protected by the law in all aspects. However, due to the big difference between customized cabinets and finished cabinets, cabinet companies have a lot of concerns about this. If customized cabinets are returned by customers , Secondary sales, logistics costs, who will pay for this transaction?

   The 'Administrative Measures for Online Transactions' stipulate that 'customized productsThe new regulations did not specify in detail. Jiuzheng Building Materials Network learned from related companies that most of the non-standardized cabinet products are semi-finished products. Only after the consumer places an order, the company will produce according to the specific needs in the consumer’s order. The requirements include 'size, color, material, Fabric' and so on. 'It's not an exaggeration to define cabinets as'customized by consumers' in this way, and we will repeatedly confirm with consumers before placing orders to the factory for production,' the person in charge of a cabinet company said to Jiuzheng Building

  Combination and disassembly cabinets are not suitable for secondary sales

   'The goods returned by consumers should be intact'. This is another provision in the 'Administrative Measures for Online TransactionsExcept for sofas, chairs, and some building materials products, most of the household products delivered to consumers are semi-finished products and need to be installed and debugged before they can be used. If the product is returned after unpacking, assembling, disassembling, packaging, etc., it is “basically obsolete and cannot be sold again,” said Zhang Guohui, director of the Kumanju Brand Management Center.

   Cabinet returns, logistics costs will be high

   In addition, the new regulations also point out that 'the freight is borne by the consumer' for unreasonable returns. Jiuzheng Building Materials Network understands that the disassembly and packaging of cabinets require professionals to operate, and it is very difficult to operate if consumers do not have certain technical strength. In addition, consumers’ self-paid returns involve “logistics and packaging fees”, of which logistics fees account for about 10%-15% of the product’s transaction price, and packaging fees account for about 5%, so the return cost will be very high.
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