The housing industry has a lagging period when the property market is picking up, cabinet companies must have confidence

As we all know, the cabinet industry is closely related to the property market. Previously, the cabinet industry generally believed that the cabinet industry was also significantly weakened by the 'drag' of the housing market downturn this year. Now that the property market is expected to pick up, can the cabinet market also pick up? Many people in the industry believe that even if the housing market picks up, it will take a lag period for the cabinet industry to warm up companies together. It will take some time for the housing market to benefit the cabinet industry.

  The home furnishing market is affected by the property market, sales have declined

   'Golden Nine and Silver Ten' was originally the traditional peak season for the real estate and building materials and home furnishing industries, but due to the poor performance of the market this year, September is highly anticipated. Starting from the Mid-Autumn Festival on September 8, almost all building materials and home furnishing markets have started a sales promotion battle from this traditional festival. However, by the end of the third quarter, the home furnishing market also appeared to be relatively deserted due to the performance of the property market still falling short of expectations. Although slightly better than the previous two quarters, it was significantly lower than the level of the same period last year.

  The cabinet market will hardly grow significantly this year

   From the perspective of the real estate market, the purchase restriction policy in some cities has gradually loosened since the third quarter. On the eve of the National Day, the central bank introduced a new loan policy to stimulate market demand. Despite government stimulus, the overall real estate trend is not promising. And in the face of increasingly rational and picky consumers, building materials and home furnishing companies have become more cautious in this year's particularly fierce sales promotion war. As a member of the home furnishing industry, the cabinet industry is also the same.

   There is still a certain downward pressure on economic growth. It is expected that the national building materials and home furnishing market will not show a significant improvement in the fourth quarter. Cabinet companies must prepare for the winter. In the inferior market competition, the husband will survive and then develop.

   Cabinet companies must have confidence

   The rebound in the property market can indeed drive the home furnishing industry, but there will be a time lag. The purchase restrictions were loosened, and many real estates were launched at the end of the year, which allowed home improvement companies to see new opportunities. According to statistics, even if existing homes are being traded or new homes delivered after the year, it will take about half a year to renovate and purchase furniture. The home furnishing market will pick up in the fourth quarter or next year. It can be seen that cabinet companies must rely on their own marketing methods to increase sales, work more on creativity, improve the quality and reputation of the brand, and be fully prepared to show their talents when the market picks up.

   Although many cabinet companies have clearly felt the deserted state of the market this year, because of the recent rebound in the property market, they are still confident in the future of the cabinet market. After all, when someone buys a house, someone buys cabinets, which will drive the market to warm up anyway. According to industry insiders, most of the houses sold at this stage are mainly off-plan houses, and most of them will be delivered next year. If a large number of houses are delivered next year, it may usher in a peak delivery period. For some owners with just-needed or improved needs, they will be renovated after delivery, and the home furnishing market may only show a real manifestation within one to two years when the property market picks up. Cabinet companies must have confidence in the future market, and should not be frightened by the current chill and then feel frustrated. They must adjust their strategies in time to meet the next challenges.
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