The home furnishing market is fighting like a broken bamboo, and the cabinet industry has set off a green trend

The 'most stringent' new 'Environmental Protection Law' was passed and will be officially implemented on January 1, 2015. As far as the household building materials industry is concerned, the promulgation of this law is conducive to regulating the production of environmentally friendly household products and promoting the upgrading of household manufacturing enterprises. Cabinets are an indispensable part of the home furnishing industry. Following the development of the home furnishing trend, the cabinet industry has set off a 'green' trend.

  The current situation of the cabinet industry

   Cabinet is an indispensable part of the home furnishing industry. Its high-pollution and high-emission 'environmental protection impression' has impressed many people, and it has been included in the 'blacklist' of the seven major pollution control key rectifications. It will be one of the industries with the most stringent environmental protection requirements. Therefore, in the future development of major cabinet companies, environmental protection issues must be implemented in every aspect of the company. Do not use too much thinking to deal with environmental protection issues; once the company has environmental protection problems, it is likely to be the company Brings 'the disaster of extinction'.

  Environmental protection technology transformation is imminent

   Many companies have been included in the illegal list due to 'abnormal use of the purification device

   The home furnishing industry is gradually 'regulatedFor a long time in the future, environmental protection costs will become another blow to wood product processing companies after rising labor costs and rising wood prices. A senior person in the home furnishing industry said: 'Home furnishing companies should make early plans and learn from foreign experience to change their production and operation methods in advance, such as technological upgrades, process improvements, and equipment transformations, so as to avoid letting the 'last straw' fall on themselves.'

  The cabinet industry set off a 'green' trend

   To reduce the emission of VOCs in the production of cabinets, the use of water-based paint is an important solution. As a new product in the paint industry, water-based paint has led the cabinet industry to create a 'green' trend in environmental protection and health, and soon became popular in the home market.
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