The growth rate of my country's kitchen appliance industry returns to the rapid growth of e-commerce

With the gradual recovery of China's real estate market, China's home appliance industry has returned to the path of rapid development, especially the mid-to-high-end kitchen appliance market has grown rapidly and has huge development potential. At the same time, with the development of the mobile Internet and the popularization of 4G mobile networks, new online shopping methods are emerging, such as WeChat platforms and mobile Taobao. The post-80s online shoppers have entered the marriageable age, and the post-90s are catching up. The rigid demand for house purchases and the quality of life requirements of the new generation will surely bring new demands for kitchen appliances and small home appliances.

   With the acceleration of urbanization, new consumer demand will be released in a concentrated manner in the future. Urbanization is an important driving force for modern economic growth. Urbanization residential projects across the country have been constructed successively and will be gradually delivered. This will bring new opportunities to the kitchen appliance market. At present, home appliance brands attach importance to online channels and third- and fourth-tier markets. gradually increase.

  On March 12-16, Asia’s largest home appliance trade fair 'China Shunde Spring Home Appliances Fair and China HC Home Appliances Fair' was grandly held in Zhongshan and Shunde. AVC made the theme at the conference A speech on 'Growth Return to Rational E-commerce Growth Rapidly-2013 Kitchen and Small Appliance Market Review and Prospect'.

  AVC E-commerce General Manager Guo Meide said that kitchen appliances are necessities for urban residential residents, with the vigorous development of urbanization and informatization in my country. According to data from AVC, the overall home appliance market has reached 1.36 trillion in 2013, and the online market accounted for 8.5%. Kitchen appliances have accounted for more than 33% of the online market. With the popularity of the Internet and mobile With the rapid development of the Internet, the proportion of the online market is constantly expanding, which will bring new marketing channels to the growth of sales of kitchen appliances and household appliances.

   Range hoods have become an indispensable product in urban households, with a very high household share. According to data from AVC, the monthly market sales of range hoods in 2013 reached new highs, and online performance was particularly prominent In the second half of 2013, the monthly sales volume of range hoods in the online market has exceeded 50,000 units, accounting for about 20% of the overall market size; the product structure is mainly large exhaust volume, and near-suction and flat-top products account for a relatively high proportion.

  The proportion of gas stove sales in the online market is also increasing. The growth rate of the online market is higher than that of the offline market. The main products of the online sales volume are embedded and double stoves. In terms of products, with the industrial upgrading and high-efficiency technological innovation of the 'gas tiger' cooker industry, enterprises have drawn much attention to the research and development and manufacture of low-carbon, energy-saving, and stylish cooktops.

   Disinfection cabinets are also becoming the main electrical appliances in home kitchens. Disinfection cabinets continue to increase sales through online market channels. Most disinfection cabinet consumers are online consumers. With the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, embedded products are the mainstream market. According to monitoring data, the online market sales accounted for significantly higher than other kitchen appliances.

   Guo Meide said: The development momentum of e-commerce is very strong, even squeezing the space of traditional retail enterprises. According to the monitoring data of various categories of e-commerce from AVC, the proportion of online sales of home appliances has been continuously increasing. Home appliance companies are gradually mastering the rules of e-commerce operations and regard e-commerce operations as their top priority in the future. In this situation, e-commerce will gradually become the main sales channel for a long time to come.
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