The growth rate has dropped to 5%, and the export of kitchen appliances has slowed down

According to customs data, as of July this year, China's cumulative export of household air conditioners was about 41.04 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 7.9%. Zhou Nan, Deputy Secretary-General of the Home Appliances Branch of the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronics, said that the export situation of small household appliances was good in 2013. This year, the export of small household appliances has declined. The reasons are various: political risks in some emerging markets; consumption tax and import tax increase in Indonesia; Saudi Arabia Energy efficiency standards have improved; emerging markets have high inventories, so the overall growth rate is not very high.

   'China's home appliance export growth rate was 8% last year, and it is estimated that this year's home appliance export growth rate will drop to 5%.' Zhou Nan predicted.

  From a global perspective, in 2014, the European and American home appliance industry was reorganized. Electrolux acquired GE's home appliance business, Siemens' home appliance business was transferred to Bosch, and Whirlpool acquired Idasi. Zhou Nan analyzed that after the completion of the reorganization, European and American home appliance brands that are 'heavy' will usher in a rebound; while some Japanese brands will gradually withdraw from the home appliance market; in contrast, Korean brands have performed well. 'Chinese brands such as Haier and Gree are slowly rising, but they have not yet formed the overall image of Chinese brands.'

   'The passenger flow of the 116th Canton Fair is increasing day by day.' Liao Shixing, director of the overseas market management department of Chigo Air-Conditioning Regional political turmoil. Chigo Air-Conditioning adopts different strategies in different markets. Some keep up with energy efficiency improvement and some have a rich product line. Exports have maintained growth this year.

   It is rumored in the industry that the price war for air conditioners has spread from the domestic market to the foreign trade of the Canton Fair. Liao Shixing said that before the 'National Day' this year, there has been price competition for air-conditioning exports, but the company as a whole is more rational. 'In 2014, prices were stable, with a slight fall. The prices of materials fell, but they rose artificially.'

  'The export situation is a bit weak.' Pan Weidong, assistant to the chairman of Xinbao Electric, said, 'We are actively adjusting and expanding from kitchen appliances to household appliances such as vacuum cleaners and purifiers.' Pan Weidong said frankly, 'The exchange rate in the first quarter affected orders; The exchange rate depreciated in the second half of the year, and the export situation has improved since June.'

  Pan Weidong said: “In foreign markets, Xinbao still focuses on foundry. However, kitchen appliances are upgrading, household appliances are expanding, and the proportion of first-line brands in the customer structure is increasing. It is expected that the export situation will be stable in 2015, and there will be no Big change.'
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