The gradual rise of the rural market may become a new gold rush for the cabinet industry

In recent years, due to the saturation of the first and second-tier markets for cabinets, more and more cabinet companies have pointed their fingers at the rapidly developing rural market. China's rural population accounts for nearly 60% of the national population, and the introduction of the 'building materials to the countryside' policy has also made many cabinet companies see the light. It can be seen that the consumption potential of the rural market is immeasurable, and it is not an exaggeration to describe the rural market as the new territory of the cabinet industry for gold rush.

   Rural market potential is immeasurable

   In the past, when we mentioned the words 'homeThey are also made of wood. However, with the continuous improvement of rural economic and cultural living standards, consumption concepts are gradually changing, and more and more rural residents have brought the concept of 'urban home' into the countryside. According to the No. 1 Central Document Report in 2014, China’s grain output has continued to increase for ten consecutive years. The total amount has exceeded 600 million tons. Farmers’ income has also continued to increase, with an increase of 9.3%, which is higher than the urban 7%, which indirectly indicates the rural market. The consumption power of the company is increasing day by day, which provides a strong support for cabinet companies to enter the rural market.

   cabinets 'encircle' the countryside and require multiple layouts

   Although the rural market is a huge 'fat' for cabinets, if they want to eat a good bite, cabinet companies need to work hard and do enough homework to realize their desire to pan for gold.

   First, it is important to understand rural consumer demand. The first 'homework' for cabinet companies to enter the rural market is to understand rural consumer needs, such as products and services. Rural consumption and urban consumption have different thinking. When buying products, they pay more attention to quality and stability, and at the same time look forward to after-sales service. Of course, the price concessions are still what they have in mind. Therefore, cabinet companies must design simple, practical, cost-effective products in response to this common psychology, and be able to provide effective after-sales service in a timely manner.

   Second, publicize and promote integration into local customs. The countryside is a relatively intact place where Chinese traditional culture is preserved, and different rural areas have very big differences in living habits, religious beliefs, and so on. Therefore, when cabinet companies promote the rural market, on the one hand, they must integrate into the unique culture of each place; on the other hand, they must adopt different propaganda strategies for different rural areas. Only in this way can they grasp their 'appetite' and thus their hearts.

   In short, if cabinet companies want to make a smooth journey to open up the rural market, they must first make full preparations. Only when everything is ready can they catch up.
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