The general environment of the home furnishing market is sluggish, and the cabinet industry is affected by the property market

Although the general environment has not been prosperous in recent years, the home furnishing industry is still counterattacking. With the development of the home furnishing industry from developed to developing countries and the expansion of international market demand, China is the largest country in furniture production and export. The development space of my country's home furnishing industry is still expanding.

  The price of home furnishings is high and 'expensive' is a foregone conclusion

   With the implementation of the new national real estate regulation and control policy, the impact on the cabinet industry will gradually be revealed in three to six months, and the consumption of cabinets is estimated to be reduced. With the expansion of economic globalization, the shortage of materials has increased the tax rate, coupled with environmental damage, and restrictions on timber resources. In the face of market competition, companies have to be 'rised' by prices. With the appearance of environmental protection, resource protection, and formaldehyde-free labels, the raw materials for cabinets are becoming more scarce, and the prices of customized cabinets have begun to soar.

   Wooden cabinets rose the most

   In this round of price increases, mahogany and solid wood cabinets have experienced the most significant increases. Because some countries and regions in Southeast Asia that mainly produce mahogany restrict the production and export of mahogany, raw materials are relatively scarce. In addition, mahogany cabinets are made by hand, and technical personnel are relatively scarce. The increase in labor costs also promotes the increase in the price of mahogany cabinets. Solid wood cabinets are also generally affected by raw materials, and prices have been rising in general, while panel cabinets and soft cabinets have relatively small increases. The overall increase in solid wood cabinets is between 10% and 20%.

  The development of cabinet industry

   The increase in raw material prices will have a great impact on low-end cabinet brands, and it is likely that quite a few small cabinet companies will go bankrupt as a result, but the impact on cabinet manufacturers of big brands will be limited. Instead, they can use this to embark on innovation and Ru0026D. The large-scale road to improve the added value of products and services to adapt to market competition, thereby raising the threshold of the cabinet industry and promoting the healthy development of the entire industry.
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