The first time I saw the cabinet can still be installed like this, my wife madly took photos and posted to Moments, the corner is the most beautiful!

The cabinets in my house were all made on site by a carpenter master. Master Li was a carpenter hired by a neighbor's house during the renovation. He said that he had good skills and recommended it to me. Let me first talk about how to make my kitchen. I plan to make U-shaped cabinets. This means that there will be two corners of the corner. At the time, I felt that this was a waste of space. I did not expect Master Li to be so powerful. With the corner cabinet, the entire space can be used. The cabinet doors are rubber wood and the countertops are marble. The biggest highlight of my cabinet is the corner design. Inside is a pull basket, which can be installed. The pull basket of the cabinet design is beautiful and practical, and has a strong storage capacity. I didn't even think of a cabinet made of bricks with a basket inside. This position is for the discharger, which can be placed in an oven, microwave, etc. If you make cabinets, remember to measure the size of the electrical appliances first, so that it is convenient for the master to design. My wall cabinet is L-shaped, but the corners are not made at right angles, but the corners are turned into polygonal cabinets. It is very convenient and practical when picking up things.
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