The existing house is resold to buy a large house, the decoration of the existing house is simple and atmospheric, and the cabinet design is unique to increase storage

Due to my family’s reasons, my husband wanted to sell the house he currently lives in. He sold a total of 400,000 yuan. Later, he used the 400,000 yuan to buy a house in a city close to home. To be honest, I like the previous house. It's very concise and atmospheric. If it weren't for some reason, we wouldn't sell this house! It's a pity to think about it, life is like that! Don’t say much, so I’ll show you this house! Case: 88 flat simple style Residential members: 1-5 people House area: 88 square meters House type: 3 rooms Space layout: standard Main building materials: solid wood furniture. Look, there are two round holes in the door. When the husband is not at home, come again In the case of a guest, I will first go through these two holes to see who is outside, so as to keep my safety. Then we came in and saw that there were cabinets, which could put clothes for travel, and some pendants. Below are the shoes you put on, don’t you think they’re neatly arranged? The place where we eat together in my living room is on the coffee table in the living room. Some people think we are stupid, but after all, two people can eat here. The sofa is black, which is very prominent compared to the surrounding colors. The floor is made of solid wood, and you can step on it with bare feet and it will not freeze. Opposite the sofa is the place where the TV is placed, and there is no background wall. Instead, the cabinet is used as the background. We don't buy it because we don't watch TV much. I looked inside and saw the dining table. I bought it online from a discount and only spent 200 yuan! Some people may think it is too cheap, but for those who are just married, we can only buy this. The kitchen doesn’t look small. I bought a range hood to keep the room without lampblack, and it’s also an anti-theft, so that the home will be safer. The picture is black, which compares well with the white cabinets, and it won’t get dirty even if water falls on it. Just wipe it with a rag and it will be clean. The bed and writing desk in the bedroom are all dark solid wood. This room is prepared for guests to live in. Usually, because there is a writing desk here, the husband will work here. The place with curtains here is my husband’s room. The bed is connected to a room. A lot of effort and money was spent at that time. Although it was not too luxurious, it was okay to use. The child’s room is prepared with two upper and lower beds. My husband and I are planning to have a twin. A blue wardrobe is prepared for the color matching. I believe the children in the future will live well here. I don't like the toilet very much. The sink is like the one in a public toilet, and the toilet is close to the place where I wash my hands. Every time my husband washes his hands, it splashes on me. Generally speaking, my house is relatively simple, but I feel that simplicity is also fashionable!
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