The era of omni-channel competition is coming

At present, e-commerce is constantly penetrating into the field of home building materials, and it is inevitable that the home building materials industry will move towards O2O. At the same time, with the in-depth development of 'O2O

  O2O model is inevitable

   The rapid development of the Internet has caught the custom cabinet industry merchants who are facing a market reshuffle. Regardless of whether they are willing to enter the Internet market, the overall environment has drawn them into the O2O business battle, and the online and offline markets have become a unified pattern. An industry insider said: “In the Internet era, it is not just custom cabinets, but also in other industries. Using the Internet to allow products that can withstand the test of the market to run with the enterprise is the general trend of the development of new enterprises. O2O is an operation that cannot be avoided. model.'

  Because each cabinet company has its own particularity, O2O strategy construction must be initiated on its own. The core of the success of e-commerce lies in the efficient operation of its logistics, information flow and capital flow. Therefore, it improves the efficiency of the supply chain and users Stickiness has become the most critical deployment in the O2O strategy.

  E-commerce is not the only channel

   For the cabinet industry, the development of e-commerce also needs to pay attention to the combination of online and offline. Online and offline integration is the key, but contact with e-commerce is not a simple matter. For traditional enterprises, e-commerce is very lethal. If they do not do well, they will be 'electrically injured.'

   If cabinet companies want to achieve long-term development, the e-commerce road is inevitable, and reasonable planning and separation of online and offline product lines must be done, and at the same time, channel conflicts and e-commerce capabilities must be prevented. In addition, cabinet companies must develop along with the development of e-commerce and combine their own advantages to adapt to the current e-commerce trend.

   In addition, cabinet companies should also pay attention not to let 'consumer-centric' become an empty talk. The core of the Internet is customer experience. The future is an omni-channel era. E-commerce is not the only one, but it is necessary to reach consumers. By the way.
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