The development of the times has gained new opportunities, and the cabinet industry needs e-commerce transformation

How to obtain development opportunities under the new economic normal? This is a question that traditional industries like cabinets need to think about. From a general perspective, at present, it is an inevitable trend that the O2O sales model will change traditional industries. E-commerce transformation is undoubtedly a good choice. With the wings of modern information technology such as the Internet, big data, and cloud computing, the cabinet industry may usher in a new spring.

  The advantage of e-commerce is not only in price

   Although buyers still value the price advantage of online channels in the Internet era, this price advantage is compared with physical channels. Compared with physical channels, the e-commerce model can cut almost all channel levels from manufacturers to buyers, and direct sales certainly reduce channel costs. And more important than “cheap” is “good quality”. Simple price wars are not the true nature of e-commerce. From this perspective, the cabinet industry must change its marketing model. Even large durable products such as cabinets can directly find buyers through e-commerce to achieve zero-level channels. At the same time, this also tells cabinet companies to pay attention to the 'smile curve'. At both ends, we will focus on finding breakthroughs in Ru0026D, design and marketing models to obtain a higher return on investment.

  To achieve the true integration of the cabinet industry and e-commerce

   The e-commerce transformation of the cabinet industry is not simply putting products on the Internet for sale, but requires an 'Internet thinking'. Small and medium-sized enterprises in the cabinet may enter into an industry alliance. The alliance uses big data, e-commerce, Internet finance, and industry alliances, four tools that are widely used in the field of enterprise circulation in the Internet era. It is fully integrated into the new industrial alliance of 'Internet thinking, Reduce production costs and operating costs, and solve the bottleneck of corporate liquidity financing difficulties through Internet finance.

   In short, cabinet companies need to realize self-subversive reforms in the transformation of e-commerce in order to truly make the market mechanism work.
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