The development of the cabinet industry needs to inject new vitality to lay the cornerstone for transformation and upgrading

With the advent of the second half of the year, a number of favorable policies are ushering in a new turning point for the home furnishing industry, which has been silent for half a year, and many recovery factors may also promote the development of the cabinet market. However, as far as the cabinet industry is concerned, due to the relatively traditional industry, the scarcity of raw materials and the insufficient integration of upstream and downstream industries may cause cabinet companies to face greater challenges and risks.

  The pace of transformation and upgrading of cabinet enterprises needs to be strengthened

   Nowadays, the cabinet industry that relies on real estate development is an uncertain variable. Due to changes in upstream real estate policies, the cabinet industry has also been affected in many ways. Therefore, cabinet companies need to strengthen the pace of transformation and upgrading to lay the cornerstone for future development.

   In recent years, the overall pattern of the domestic cabinet industry is constantly changing. The cabinet market used to be in short supply, but now it has changed and it has become an oversupply. The cabinet market has bid farewell to the past era of rapid growth, and there is basically a problem of overcapacity.

   lack of competitiveness makes it difficult to generate brand premiums

   The building materials industries such as cabinets have lacked substantial industry development in recent years, mainly because the products of the entire industry are highly homogenized, making products lack competitiveness; companies do not pay attention to brand building, and it is difficult to generate brand premiums.

   This change in market conditions has led manufacturers to pay attention to high-quality and high-tech products. Transformation and upgrading will be the inevitable trend of future industry development. As corporate competition continues to intensify, the profit margins of major companies have been compressed, and the survival of companies is facing difficulties.

  The cabinet industry forms a complementary pattern

   At present, cabinet companies are transforming and upgrading to high-quality labor, intensive use of land and resources, pursuit of high-tech and advanced management, and digital application. In this transformation and upgrading process, those cabinet companies that still maintain the traditional development concept, backward management, and do not want to change will gradually be eliminated by the market.

   And the cabinet industry is also showing diversified characteristics. Professional markets have been built all over the country. Through the reasonable combination of production area and circulation type, large and small, comprehensive and single type, the complementary pattern has injected new ideas into the development of the industry. Power.
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