The details of the handle embellish the beauty of life


In life, the details of decoration always make people shine. The reason for saying this is that people now pay more attention to the details of the product, and the handles that were not taken seriously before have also undergone great changes. The handles of various strange shapes such as crystal, gilding, and carving have attracted the attention of consumers. Not only the practicality of the handle, but in order to make more consumers like it, the uniqueness of fashion is necessary.

Become used to the same, the same color handles, how to make breakthroughs in product design and styling is the most important issue facing manufacturers. Of course, this is not what our consumers want to care about. Next, let’s simply Let’s talk about the collocation of handles in the home.

First of all, the color of the handle should be consistent with the color of the home, and the texture is the best, which reflects the harmony and perfection. Also, the overall style should be considered in the choice of color. The harmony between the whole and the part is also very important. of.

Dark-colored furniture should use golden metal handles. The two are in sharp contrast. Bright furniture that looks brighter should be combined with silver-white ring or rod-shaped metal handles, which is simple and elegant. For fragrant tea or dark red furniture, wood handles and golden metal handles are the most suitable, which emphasizes the sense of weight.

When choosing the same, the size and uniformity of the matching product should be considered, not too long, Don't be too short, the matching is the unity.

The above is a brief introduction to the embodiment and application of the handle in the home. Whether it is a single piece of furniture, a combination of furniture or a cabinet, the overall aesthetic comfort is an orderly expression.

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