The demand for cabinet talents is obvious, production positions are more prone to faults

The home building materials industry has always been a labor-intensive industry, and the demand for talents is obvious. And the furniture industry talent exchange meeting held recently also attracted more than 100 famous furniture companies to participate in the meeting, and even provided thousands of middle and senior positions with an annual salary of 100,000 to 500,000. However, compared with the demand for talents of enterprises, the number of applicants is smaller than in previous years, especially production skilled workers.

   There is a gap in technical talents in the cabinet industry

   This phenomenon also exists in the cabinet industry. It is reported that the salary of middle and senior talents in the cabinet industry is high, and the annual salary is mostly 100,000 to 500,000 yuan. The monthly salary of the regional manager is 20,000 yuan, the annual salary of the brand director is at least 1 million yuan, and the annual salary of the store manager is also between 150,000 and 250,000 yuan. However, due to the “dirty, messy, poor” and dangerous production environment in the cabinet industry, most young people are reluctant to engage in the industry. The cabinet production personnel are mainly 40-year-olds, and the faults are obvious.

   According to reports, the fault of talents in the cabinet industry has become a headache for enterprises. 'Now the skilled workers in the company are around 40 years old, young people, especially those born in the 90s, are basically not willing to work in the cabinet industry, and there are obvious gaps in the construction of talent echelon.' said a cabinet company's human resources director.

   Post-90s pay more attention to jobs and the environment

   Industry insiders revealed that the cabinet industry is a typical 'dirty, messy, and poor' industry. In the process of making cabinets, saws and electric drills are used to cut panels. During the cutting process, a lot of noise and wood dust will be generated, even in some paint shops. There is also a peculiar smell. The working environment is not good and the noise is loud. In the past, probably because of the relatively high wages, there were more people who did it, but compared with the former workers, the salary is not the most important to them, so few people care about it.

  Many business executives expressed deep concern about the talent gap. Although the industry advocates machine replacement, the cost of machine replacement is very high, and it is difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises to bear the high cost. In addition, the machine can only replace part of the work, and from the current technology, a lot of work in the cabinet industry must be done manually.
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