The degree of customization continues to upgrade, cabinet merchants still need to provide more guarantees

Nowadays, modern urban life makes people's requirements for home environment rise again and again. In addition to comfort, warmth and practicality, people are also unremittingly pursuing high-quality home taste. 'Private customization' has become an important trend in the home furnishing industry, and it is accelerating the development of 'integration'. The specific manifestation is the shift from 'single customization' to 'overall customizationCustomized.

   Private customization is more closely integrated with space

  The staff of a certain brand explained to the onlookers the principle of 'private customization' of cabinets with a flow chart: the designer personally came to the door and provided multiple design solutions according to the customer's preferences and the size of the kitchen space, and then the manufacturer created the cabinets according to the customer's choice And is responsible for distribution and installation. By adopting a customized mode, the cabinet can be designed according to the layout and structural size of different houses, which can perfectly fit the house structure, and at the same time make full use of the fragmented space.

   Private customization market space will be broader

   Many consumers still have doubts: Will “private customization” raise the cost? Some cabinet merchants explained that the design plan is provided free of charge, and only processing fees are charged; cabinets are made directly by the factory, eliminating store rents and layered stripping by wholesalers at all levels, and they are definitely cheaper than selling in stores. 'In short,'private customization' is to start from the customer's living habits and meet individual needs more.' According to an industry insider, customized furniture in some countries has exceeded 50% of the market share. Although my country started late, it has developed. The space is vast, and it currently accounts for a considerable proportion of cabinet furniture.

   There are also many problems with custom randomness

   Some consumers also questioned: What is the difference between 'private customization' and finding a carpenter to make a house at home? Can the cabinet created for my house be returned? Who will inspect the product quality? In this regard, industry insiders admitted that there are still many problems with 'private custom-made' cabinets. 'The cabinet industry must implement national standards, and the customization is highly random and may not necessarily comply with the national standards.' A traditional cabinet maker said, for example, the thickness and clearance of the cabinets have corresponding requirements. If the customer fails to take these factors into consideration, Blindly requiring designers to design according to their own preferences can easily cause safety hazards.

The staff of    Consumers Association believes that the difficulty of returning products is another problem for custom cabinets. Many merchants make it according to the taste of customers. If the returned products are difficult to resell, they have 'no refunds or exchanges' conditions. According to the new consumer law, as long as the goods are defective, consumers can return them within seven days. However, in order to avoid disputes, customers should measure the size, ask for the material, and sign a detailed contract when customizing.
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