The correct way to open the cabinet, 3 design tips have been learned, practical and convenient in an instant

The correct way to open the cabinets, three design tips have been learned. It is practical and convenient in an instant. When decorating the kitchen, cabinets are usually installed. Nowadays, cabinets are basically customized, and they are more technological. The design of the cabinet is also more humane. For example, the opening method of the cabinet is very important, there are some opening coups that need to be learned, so that it is helpful for the purchase of cabinets. 1: The opening method of the under-counter cabinet Push-pull type: This type of under-counter cabinet is very popular now, because the height design is reasonable, so there is no need to bend down when pushing and pulling, just push and pull the drawer by hand. . In addition, the current cabinets are basically fully illuminated, and only the inside of the drawer is illuminated when opening the drawer, so it is very convenient to take items. Touch type: The technology is developing rapidly now, especially the cabinet design is more humane, no matter which part of the body touches the cabinet door, it will open automatically. For example, all the drawers in the undercounter cabinet are designed with this touch type. When you need to open the drawer to take something, just lightly touch the drawer to open it automatically. It is really very convenient. Such a drawer has a handle. No need. Open type: In addition to drawers, the under-counter cabinet also has a cabinet body. The door assembly will definitely use hinges, so when choosing a hinge, you should pay attention to how far it can be opened. It is best to choose the kind of hinge. Open to a large angle, so that it will be more convenient when using the cabinet. 2: The opening method of the wall cabinet. Opening and closing: The traditional cabinet wall cabinets are all opening and closing doors. There are double-opening doors and single-opening doors. When you need to take things, you can open the door directly. But this kind of cabinet door design has a drawback, that is, it is in the corner position. Because of the structure of the house, some cabinet doors cannot be fully opened, so it will be a little laborious to use. Up and down opening type: Now there is another design for hanging cabinet doors that open up and down. This type of cabinet door is more user-friendly. For example, you can push it directly, and the other is also automatic. It can be automatically touched. Open it so that it will not affect the door switch next to it, and it is also very convenient when using the cabinet space, and you can see the inside clearly at a glance. 3: Tips for opening the cabinet door The opening of the cabinet door is also knowledgeable. Under normal circumstances, the cabinet door opens like the right side. If it is due to space limitations or the owner's requirements, it can also be designed as a left-opening style. The door design of the wall cabinet should also consider the height of the owner, at least if it can be operated. So the design of the cabinet is very important.
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