The consumer market is polarized, small and medium-sized cabinet companies are weak

With the continuous development of the market economy, polarization has become a product of social stratification. The cabinet market is also showing a polarization, with the upper and lower consumer markets showing different characteristics. Although it seems to have brought greater development opportunities to small and medium-sized cabinet companies, in fact, small and medium-sized cabinet companies still need to pay attention to the crisis of compression of the market and profitability.

  Small and medium cabinet enterprises are weak in competitiveness

   Relatively speaking, small and medium-sized cabinet companies are weak, and the two-way development of the market is not balanced, which will only accelerate the loss of market fairness. On the one hand, the narrowness of the upper-level consumer market will not expand due to the process of polarization. From the actual situation, the polarization of the market has played a very small role in increasing the number of upper-level consumption, and more is to increase the bottom-level consumer groups. Therefore, in order to compete for more market space, upper-level cabinet companies will turn their attention to the lower-level consumer market.

   On the other hand, the upper-level cabinet market is renewing fast, and the high demands of upper-level consumers for cabinets have prompted the renewal cycle of the upper-level market to be much shorter than that of the lower-level market. The short market turnover cycle directly causes the overcapacity of enterprises, and the bottom market is the best place to consume the capacity of the upper market.

  Upper cabinet companies compete for the lower market

   The replacement cycle of the bottom market is long, and the bottom consumers pay little attention to the trend and function of cabinets. Cabinet products eliminated by the upper market are still fresh in the eyes of consumers at the bottom. In addition, the price is much lower than that of fashionable high-end cabinets, which will naturally win the love of consumers at the bottom. This has created a new market in the invisible, and the business relationship of 'one willing to fight, one willing to endure' has made upper-level cabinet companies even more powerful.

   Relatively speaking, small and medium-sized cabinet companies are caught in an operating dilemma like walking on thin ice. Moreover, there are a large number of small cabinet companies in our country, and the vicious competition among companies has seriously hindered the progress of the companies. Therefore, in terms of market competitiveness, small cabinet companies are not the opponents of upper-level cabinet companies at all.

   Moreover, although the bottom-level consumers are not as economically powerful as the upper-level consumers, they also love high-end cabinets. Once the upper-level cabinets are 'decentralizedAfter all, it is not only the upper-level consumers who need proof of identity. At that time, the market space of small and medium-sized cabinet companies will inevitably be compressed. Chinese small cabinet companies must not think that market polarization is the gospel, in fact, it is the wake-up call for the development of small and medium cabinet companies.
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