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What are standard parts? Why choose TANJA?

When looking for machine parts, spare parts, there are many choices on the market today. Why get standard parts from TANJA? What do we mean when we say 'standard parts'?

When we say 'standard partsOur standard parts are used as the basis for machines and products in many different industries.

The reason why we say 'standard' is because all our parts use common dimensions, including inches and metric. We standardize the parts, so engineers don’t have to customize every knob or handle for every project. By using standard parts, design engineers can find parts easily and quickly by providing a variety of different types and sizes. TANJA also provides free CAD models for all our parts to speed up the design process.

TANJA provides a wide range of standard parts, allowing engineers and buyers to order everything they need from one location. The core standard parts provided are knobs, industrial handles, handles, low price indexing pins, hand wheels, crank handles, quick clamps, and casters.

Parts such as handles and knobs can be found in every industry. You can find TANJA products on packaging machines, automation machines, medical equipment, auto parts, marine parts, automation equipment, etc. Every industry needs different specifications. TANJA provides standard parts made of plastic, steel, stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum to meet the specific requirements of various industries. If TANJA products are used in food processing equipment, stainless steel and hygienic design are essential. TANJA Precision released a series of hygienic design products at the end of 2017 to complement our already extensive stainless steel product line.

In some machine designs, design engineers will need more than standard parts. In order to meet the customization requirements of design engineers, TANJA has in-house processing facilities. Able to modify standard parts to support engineers’ designs and help them come up with new solutions. TANJA is very flexible. In order to help customers, we can modify our standard parts in a small amount.

Because TANJA precision serves many industries, the company's design and development of industrial hardware needs to continue to innovate and continue to provide new solutions to the market. TANJA has always focused on customers and is a one-stop source of machine parts.

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