The competitive landscape of cabinets is changeable, enterprises should break through the old thinking and seek innovation

With the continuous overlap of the construction of cabinet brand channels, the competition between enterprises is becoming more and more cruel in the case of limited market capacity, and the period of separate parties in the early development of the industry has gone forever. This is the time for cabinet companies to devote themselves to reform and innovation and establish social marketing thinking.

  Cabinet enterprises must establish social marketing thinking

  In the current stage of development of the industry, cabinet companies sell not only products, but also a series of additional services. This is a big marketing society. Cabinet companies want to make good breakthroughs and establish a big marketing mindset. necessary. 'Big marketing' thinking is not to mobilize all staff to sell cabinets, nor to build a systematic marketing system and marketing methods, but to treat all marketing work as products, not only good production but also good sales.

   That is to say, companies should make these products that assist sales in detail, and sell them in a timely manner, so that the corresponding channel members can recognize and accept them, or allow consumers to recognize them as much as possible. When these auxiliary products are sold well, it is logical that their cabinet products sell well. Once an enterprise regards all marketing tools and management systems as product development, and connects sales to various organizational links through built-up internal channels, the unique culture of the enterprise can be formed.

  Innovation determines the way out Channels are committed to breaking through

   The market has given signals, allowing more and more companies to see that the competitive landscape is changing: First, the industry concentration is increasing, and the industry is approaching the direction of large-scale and brand-based operations; secondly, the industry’s leading brands are forming , For companies with brand competitive advantages, market competitive advantages have gradually become prominent.

   Looking at the entire cabinet industry market, how to formulate its own development direction and strategy from the height of the industry development is a question that cabinet companies should think about. In today's drastic changes in the business environment, reforms, breakthroughs, and innovations determine the way out for enterprises. Powerful companies rely on their significant advantages to gradually condense the market to a game between several brands; new entrants and challengers continue to attack the existing pattern of the industry, so on the stage of the cabinet industry, some people fall, some Come on top. This is the current competitive situation in the cabinet industry.

  The product channel of the cabinet market is also changing. The new cabinet market continues to rise, and channel competition is becoming increasingly fierce; new marketing models are also constantly developing, and online sales have become the new favorites of some companies and merchants. Many top-tier cabinet brands have their own electronic malls on Taobao. In this era of drastic channel changes, cabinet companies should see their direction, clarify their ideas, adjust their channel strategies in time, and follow up the pace of channel changes, so as not to make themselves too far away by the development of the industry.

   In the future, competition in the cabinet market will inevitably become more and more tense. Only by handling every level, adapting to multi-channel marketing, and doing a good job in corporate technology innovation, can cabinet companies stand out among many brand companies and make their companies bigger and bigger. powerful.
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