The central bank policy is difficult to map the cabinet industry in the short term, and the development of enterprises still needs to save themselves

For cabinet companies, the heating and cooling of the real estate market will be reflected in the sales of cabinets to a certain extent. As a downstream industry of the property market, cabinets have been affected this year. The property market sales in the first half of the year showed a weak trend. Although the second half of the year eased and the central bank adjusted interest rates, the recovery of cabinets was not significant. In particular, the recent central bank's adjustment of loan interest rates is regarded by many as a 'cardionic' that can make real estate rebound. However, the current policy regulation wants to be immediately mapped to cabinet sales. It is estimated that there is little hope, and cabinet companies want long-term development. Still need to help yourself.

   The central bank cuts interest rates, it is unknown whether cabinet companies will pick up

   It is reported that the central bank’s adjustment of the benchmark lending interest rate is the first reduction in the benchmark interest rate in the past two years. In the early days of the National Day, the country’s adjustment of the new housing loan policy may have raised hopes for the development of some companies in the cabinet industry. After that, the adjustment of the loan policy was also regarded as another favorable policy for the real estate market, to a certain extent This reduces the cost of buying a house.

   Although the central bank’s rescue policy, from the perspective of economic development, can stimulate the recovery of the real estate market and thus promote the development of the cabinet industry. However, many real estate industry insiders and many economic experts are not optimistic about the stimulus effect of the interest rate cut on the real estate market. On the one hand, the continued downturn in the real estate market does not take shape in the short term. It is unrealistic to rely solely on the adjustment of benchmark lending rates to drive huge market inventories; on the other hand, although the cabinet industry is closely connected with the real estate market, it cannot be achieved in the short term. Mapped to the cabinet industry, coupled with too many uncontrollable factors in the real estate market, whether it can stimulate the cabinet industry is still unknown.

  The cabinet business seeks long-term development, but still needs to return to the essence of the product

  The state's regulation of the property market policy can indeed stimulate the development of the real estate industry to a certain extent. However, if cabinet companies want to seek long-term development, they still have to return to product quality.

  First, in terms of product quality control, keeping the first pass of the product is also the most important pass. If the quality of a good cabinet product is difficult for consumers to be satisfied and assured, even if the market drives the product, consumers will lose trust in the product. It is impossible for a company that makes consumers lose confidence in long-term development;

  Secondly, from the after-sales service of products, it solves the worries of consumers. For cabinets, after-sales service gives consumers a sense of security when shopping. It is a part that consumers are very concerned about when they consume. Good after-sales and win a good reputation are very necessary for the long-term development of cabinet companies. of;

   Third, from the perspective of product design concepts, novel designs and considerate services are what consumers need, and of course, what companies pursue. Good design concepts can change people’s lifestyles, and companies can gain core competition. force. Only companies with core competitiveness will have the possibility of long-term development.

   With the continuous development of the cabinet industry, the market competition between enterprises will become more intense. Under the market background of the continued downturn in the external environment, cabinet companies want to seek long-term development, remember not to completely pin their hopes on external factors, they must give full play to their subjective initiative, return to the essence of the product, and actively make adjustments to the weakness of the market. The necessary means for cabinet companies to want long-term development!
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