The cabinets and countertops are so ugly that many people are unwilling to install it. After moving in?.

Do not install this ugly thing on the countertops of the cabinets. Decoration is a very deep knowledge, and the knowledge it involves is also very profound. And if there are some details in the decoration that are not paid attention to, it will also bring us a lot of trouble in the later stage. Take kitchen decoration for example, kitchen decoration is also an extremely important place in home decoration, because the kitchen can be regarded as a 'little heart' in the entire home, it involves hydroelectric installations, electrical appliances with a high application rate, and a high-temperature open flame. Compared to a special situation, it pays special attention to many details during the decoration. Of course, for some more special situations, if you use small skills cleverly, it will also bring greater applicability to life. For example, the decoration of cabinets and countertops is often coupled with a small gadget, which can solve the problem that has always troubled everyone. Do not install this ugly thing on the countertops of the cabinets. When decorating the cabinet countertops in the kitchen, amateur masters will suggest that we can install water retaining strips on the cabinet countertops, but many people feel that if they insist on installing water retaining strips on the cabinet countertops, the cabinets will look unusually unsightly, and Even when we use the kitchen, we can easily bump into the place of the water retaining strip, which brings us unusual inconvenience and insecurity, so many friends will reject the device. In fact, the function of the water retaining bar is not only to prevent water from splashing in, but also to prevent the overflowing water from washing vegetables and dishes from flowing on the ground, causing the kitchen floor to be wet, so that we can step on it. In addition to comfort, it also slips easily, which can easily cause us to fall. Secondly, it can prevent the splashing water from getting dirty and wetting our clothes, which is extremely humane. Secondly, if you install a water-retaining strip on the countertop of the cabinet, it can also be convenient for ordinary cleaning. Any dirt and stains will be wiped off. It also reduces the amount of labor in our usual cleaning of the kitchen, which is exceptionally applicable. Second, although the water retaining strip is inconspicuous, it can be used to partition the wall and the waterproof countertop, so as to prevent water from splashing on the wall and causing the wall to be damp. Then the wall will not only become moldy and black, and affect the wall. The elegant appearance will also bring us some unnecessary troubles. The most important thing is that when we usually use the kitchen, if the kitchen is in a wet and humid condition, it will easily breed bacteria. Then the food we cook will easily be stained with these bacteria, which will pose a safety hazard to our health. , So let's not refuse to install waterproof strips for the sake of beauty. Of course, in order to have better waterproof effects, we can choose the material of marble for installation, which is not only elegant and durable, and secondly, we must find an amateur master to install it. The consequences of doing this will be more applicable and will not easily cause problems.
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