The cabinet market is under pressure, stores and enterprises should help each other and work together

There was a period of time when China’s economy was growing rapidly, and the people’s demand for decoration was great. However, in today's information-filled era, the impact of e-commerce, mobile terminals are coming from behind, and home furnishing stores are increasingly deserted. The cabinet industry is no exception. Many cabinet companies have also had various contradictions with stores due to market pressure. In fact, in this fiercely competitive environment, cabinet companies should help each other with stores.

   There are many contradictions between the store and the cabinet business

   If cabinet companies want to survive, stores must also develop. In the past, when the market prospects were good, they could regress and seek a win-win situation. However, with the impact of e-commerce and the development of the cabinet industry being hindered, the profits that both can obtain have declined. For cabinet merchants, in order to obtain profits, they can only sell more products at low prices. For stores, it is understandable to increase rents and increase sales commissions. However, this has intensified the contradiction. The stores are more demanding and will only force the merchants away. The cabinet merchants will also try to avoid the commission to 'retaliate' the rent increase in the store. It will hurt both sides.

   Empathy, more communication

   Stores should give more consideration to cabinet companies, because they are 'family parents'. Only by 'serving' them, more and more merchants settle in, the revenue of the store can get higher and higher, and there will be more Putting energy into service and hardware improvement, under such a virtuous circle, the store will certainly be able to achieve longer-term development. Finally, the two sides should communicate more, put each other's problems on the surface, and do not use the inferior methods of 'behind the dark' to do things. As the saying goes: Forbearance is calm for a while, take a step back and broaden the sky. Through communication, more concessions to each other and more consideration, the two parties can carry out their work more smoothly. Therefore, in the lives of intensified contradictions between stores and cabinet merchants, each other should treat contradictions with a mentality of 'being lenient to others and strict in self-discipline'. Only in this way can we gradually resolve the situation, and finally shake hands and make peace and win-win development.

   A common future can only be achieved through common progress

   The cabinet store and the enterprise also need the participation of both parties, more consultations, and more self-searching for problems, instead of developing in a way of 'harming others and self-interest'. This intensification of contradictions will only make this 'knot' gradually become a dead knot. First of all, cabinet merchants should actively improve their sales capabilities, strengthen services, and increase their profit margins, so that they do not have to compete for profits with the stores. The rent and the commission that should be paid are also given to the stores, so that the profits of the stores will increase. Now, its services and hardware facilities can keep up, and cabinet companies can also get more benefits.
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