The cabinet market is new and positive, the first home is determined to be loosened to stimulate demand for improvement

On September 30, the central bank issued a new housing loan policy, clearly delegating the identification of the first home. Industry insiders pointed out that the relaxation of the first housing certification standard has exceeded expectations and will greatly stimulate demand for improvement. If the central bank's 'rescue' policy can be implemented to make the real estate market pick up, then the cabinet market affected by the real estate market will inevitably receive a positive boost.

  The first house determined to loosen or reverse the property market

   The specific policy for the central bank to loosen the purchase restriction is: For families who borrow to purchase the first ordinary self-owned house, the minimum down payment ratio for the loan is 30%, and the loan interest rate is 0.7 times the benchmark rate of freight forwarding. For families who own a house and have already settled the corresponding house purchase payment, in order to improve their living conditions, apply for a loan to purchase ordinary commodity houses again, and the bank financial institution implements the first set of payment policies.

   Earlier, it was reported that the four major companies will release the first house determination, which attracted the attention of industry insiders; but then the four major companies issued articles to refute rumors, and many cabinet industry people expressed 'the government has no hope of saving the market' lament. The official document issued by the central bank this time clearly shows that the government has carried out rescue work, which is a good sign for the cabinet industry, which is looking forward to a recovery in the real estate market, to reverse the market.

  The cabinet market is expected to be profitable but it will take time

   As an industry closely related to the real estate market, the cabinet industry has also set off an ideological game about whether the industry situation will improve. Since the first half of this year, industry rumors include a huge decline in sales of many cabinet brands. Under the pressure of environmental protection and the market, stopping production and adjusting production capacity has become one of the main countermeasures of some companies.

   On a large level, the quality of the cabinet industry market environment depends on the quality of the real estate market. Various signs indicate that the state has begun to implement macro-control on the real estate market. In the worst case, the corresponding downturn in the cabinet market may be curbed or even directly improved. However, despite this, the government's rescue of the market is a gradual process, and the effect cannot be achieved overnight. Therefore, for cabinet manufacturers, the market has not improved yet, and it needs to work hard to survive the cold winter!
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