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1. Environmental protection 1) The board purchase cabinet must be environmentally friendly, which is mainly reflected in the board, and the glue used for the board is urea-formaldehyde resin glue. There is more than one kind of board at home, and pollution will be superimposed. The solution is to minimize the formaldehyde emission of all selected materials. a. Ordinary edge banding material will age after two years, and there will be problems, and the edge will be warped after aging. Then it broke when it was very brittle when folded by hand, and then quickly swelled and deformed by absorbing water, and the board was scrapped. The best one on the market is the German Rehau edge banding belt, which is specially used for the edge banding on ships, with a longer aging period and better sealing performance. b. The cover glue glue is also a solidification period. After a long time, it may crack when it encounters the moisture of the kitchen water. c. Edge banding equipment Large edge banding equipment is the integration of machine coating feet, machine edge banding and machine trimming. If the edge banding equipment is not good enough, the glue will be unevenly applied, and the adhesion will be insufficient in the places where there is less application, and the edge banding will be particularly serious. 2) Facing treatment Facing treatment must have a good degree of wear resistance. A good finish can be rubbed with a steel ball at will without any scratches. In the process of using cabinets, cabinet products have a relatively long service life, and generally it takes about eight to ten years for home decoration. 2. Hardware hardware is known as the soul of the cabinet. If the hardware is not good, there will be rust and cracks in the iron, cracks in the door panel, and sound of the drawer sliding. The process of the hinge: Before screwing the screw, a barrier is embedded in the hole so that after the screw is screwed in, it will never loosen as the screw is tightened. 3. Countertop 1. Material countertop is an extremely important item in the kitchen. If the countertop is not good, it will appear: scratches, seepage phenomenon, breakage of the countertop, etc. Most of the countertops on the market are quartz stone, and the main component of quartz stone is actually called quartz sand. The higher the content of quartz sand, the higher the hardness and the greater the density, and the less likely it is to break and bleed. 2. There are two reasons for the beam to break: 1) The load-bearing capacity (bending resistance) of this kind of board is relatively poor. The countertop is built on the cabinet board, especially the vertical board of the cabinet board. If the load-bearing capacity of the force plate is poor, and often chop things, plus the weight of the cabinet countertop, the force plate will bend and deform or even break after a long time. 2) The process details are not in place. There are three aluminum beams at the bottom of the countertop for support. If the craftsmanship is not fine, it is very likely to cause breakage. 3) The problem with the lining board The plane of the lining board is parallel to the upper force board. The countertop and the liner must be 100% tightly fitted. If 100% tight fit is not possible, there will still be breakage. 4) The openings of the countertop basin and the stove are the most prone to breakage. The countertops of inferior brands have scum. If you chop things frequently, cracks may appear after a long time. The countertop must be finely polished, it is very smooth to touch with your hands and will not be scratched, and this corner must be rounded and chamfered. 4. Appreciation of high-quality cabinets Kitchen is a place for cooking food, dominating a warm place. An ideal cooking environment must be clean, stylish and atmospheric. A satisfactory kitchen design makes cooking also a kind of enjoyment.
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