The cabinet industry makes development strategies to find out the key links and core goals

Among the numerous brands in the cabinet industry, SMEs still account for the majority. It is also precisely because of the fierce market competition that small and medium-sized cabinet companies should take extra care to formulate correct management and development strategies, establish core goals for corporate development, and identify key links for development.

  Cabinet enterprises have key points in setting core goals

   One, the core goal should be connected up and down, and all people, things, and things should directly aim at this goal.

  Second, avoid that only the sales department has a goal, and the non-sales department has no corresponding goal. For small and medium-sized cabinet companies, the easiest and most common mistake is that the goal is the performance goal. In the end, the performance goal becomes only the goal of the sales department. It seems that it has little relationship with the non-sales department, or the goal of the non-sales department. It is not linked to performance goals, and the work done is not to serve the performance goals. This is very dangerous, and the disconnection of goals will eventually make it difficult to achieve performance goals.

   Third, is the core goal simple enough that an idiot can understand it? To test whether the core goal of an enterprise is simple enough and reliable enough, it must be understood by anyone, even idiots. In our daily work, we often emphasize that work goals should be quantified and give each job a simple and clear method. The purpose is to let each member understand the team's goals and at the same time make the goals more controllable.

  Small and medium cabinet companies find the key links

  Resources are always limited, as is the case for large companies, let alone small and medium-sized cabinet companies? To use limited resources to achieve the core development goals of an enterprise, it is undoubtedly necessary to concentrate as many resources of the company as possible to serve key issues.

   When grasping the key points of action, you must learn to find the origin of things and extend it to the product. The origin is the user’s experience and needs; in order to do this well, cabinet companies can set up special product departments, marketing departments, etc. Improve product experience, explore user needs and realize conversion. When we truly grasp the user experience and demand points, we need to classify the company's existing resources, analyze them one by one, and allocate the most advantageous resources to the key points of operation.

  In such a competitive business environment, it is difficult for cabinet companies to be large and comprehensive. It can be said that the current business operation is to find the key points, determine the key points, and find a simple and direct path for the realization of the key points. , The process of concentrating superior resources to serve key points.
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