The cabinet industry is more competitive and the development trend is obvious

In a modern society where renewal and iteration cannot be normal, the development of an industry is like sailing against the current, and cabinet companies are also facing major challenges in the context of rising raw materials, financing difficulties, overcapacity, insufficient innovation, and changes in consumer demand. How to face the crisis Coping with heavy pressure is the key to the survival of cabinet companies.

   Change the way of business, cabinet companies have a long way to go

   What are the bottlenecks that China’s cabinet industry is encountering today? In fact, everyone in the cabinet knows well. Product homogeneity, overcapacity, and meager profit are all external manifestations. The fundamental reason is that the cabinet industry has been in the industry for a long time. The low-end field is hovering, and the added value of the product is too low. Cross-border operations and diversification are nothing more than the release of production capacity and capital to a certain extent. Only by changing the way of operation of cabinet companies can they fundamentally solve the predicament of the cabinet industry.

  From the development prospects of China's cabinet industry, it is predicted that the future development trend of the cabinet industry will reflect the following characteristics:

  一: Cabinet brands join forces to achieve a win-win situation

   brand cabinet companies will join forces to form a complete overall household system.

   Two: Out of the homogeneity of design styles and diverse

   cabinet companies will gradually focus on design styles, and will be divided into Japanese style, Italian style, German style, Chinese local style and other styles.

  3: Comply with the trend of big home furnishing, without losing individuality in integration

   In the future, wardrobes, kitchen appliances, kitchens and bathrooms will be integrated with building decoration, highlighting the choices and individuality of consumers.

   Four: Cabinet brand layout is clear

   Sino-foreign joint venture brands are firmly established in the high-end market, and small and medium-sized enterprises have completed their accumulation in the low-end cabinet market.

  5: Stable income and investment will be more transparent

   The profit of the cabinet industry increases with the increase in sales, and the price decreases. The overall income will tend to be stable and transparent.

  6: Pay attention to environmental protection and health

   The choice of raw materials and accessories or the design will fully reflect the concept of health and environmental protection.

  七: Product design is more humane

  The design fully reflects the spirit of humanistic care, making cabinet users feel safe, fast, convenient and comfortable.

  八: Product culture is rich in connotation

  The integration of Western kitchen and bathroom culture and Chinese food culture reflects the lifestyles of different regions in China, the owner’s personal aesthetic taste and individual characteristics.

   Nine: Advance towards intelligence and networking

  Electrical accessories will develop towards intelligence and networking, fully integrating with modern home life.

  10: Brand becomes the key to competition

The development of    cabinets will rely more on quality, style, service and brand. In the future, cabinet companies will be more committed to improving product quality, establishing a complete after-sales service system, and improving brand reputation.

   In the current fierce market competition, cabinet companies have to improve their management level and innovation ability is the ultimate solution. There is no shortcut to development. This is true for companies that have always been able to eventually become industry leaders.
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