The cabinet industry is in the window period, and brands are competing for market ranking under heavy pressure

The competition in the cabinet market has become fierce, and the entry of international cabinet brands has brought a lot of pressure to domestic enterprises. In addition to the sudden force of international brands, the cabinet industry is also facing the invasion of cross-border giants. Nature and Sophia, a flooring brand and a wardrobe brand, have entered the cabinet market almost at the same time, and the category boundaries of large homes have been completely eliminated. Crushed.

   cabinet market is facing 'internal and external attack'

   We dare not arbitrarily use positioning theory to easily deny the success of the big brothers' cross-border integration, but it can be concluded that the cabinet brand will continue to face 'raids' from the neighbors next door. Enemies are everywhere. They may come from other categories, low-key e-commerce brands, or even traditional home improvement brands. After all, as a business entity, everyone wants to make more money, but the cabinet companies have to think deeply about how to make this 'gold'.

   Using brand alliances to bring profit growth

   Under the 'monopoly oppression' of traditional channels, it has opened up new ways in a sluggish market. Various brand alliances have emerged one after another in various forms. The China Home Furnishing Brand Alliance, which has built its own stores in Baotuan, various cross-industry alliances such as the Champions League, and the Tmall E-commerce Alliance, which takes advantage of online traffic, have brought a lot of imagination to cabinet companies. What cabinet companies need to pay attention to is that, apart from the increase in profits brought about by Baotuan heating, will there be brands that use the advantages of new channels to quickly grow into the category leader?

  The establishment of new channels can also create new brands

   Every channel replacement will bring about the rapid growth of new brands, just as Mei Lele and Shang Pin Zhai Pei have rapidly expanded through the use of e-commerce channels and become the pride of their peers. In the future, some brands may use these alliances and new channels. , Quickly took the position and occupied the market. Therefore, cabinet companies must not underestimate the establishment of new channels.

   Generally speaking, under the sluggish external environment, the Chinese cabinet market has begun to enter a fierce battle for card positions with the increasing integration of the first and second tier markets and the third and fourth tier markets. Regardless of whether you are aware of the pressure of competition, there is not much time left for cabinet brands to compete for the top position, and the window period is gradually closing. If the order is certain, the days will be difficult.
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