The cabinet industry in the era of big data: opportunities and challenges coexist

'This is the best era and the worst era.' This sentence in 'A Tale of Two Cities' is appropriate to describe the current era of big data facing the cabinet industry. For companies that can seize the opportunity to challenge and change, this is a hopeful era. They can stand out in the industry reshuffle; it is very dangerous to say that they cannot adapt to the current situation and are caught off guard in the face of change. , Big data is a big crisis for them.

   Seize the opportunity to make a blockbuster
   'Whoever masters big data will control the big future.' Nowadays, many cabinet companies have seen the opportunities brought by 'big data'. For example, with the support of big data, in addition to a specific cabinet brand that can implement product improvement, service enhancement, and order follow-up based on statistical data, it can also associate with similar brands to achieve interactive marketing. In the past, the interactive marketing of the cabinet industry relied on alliances, which were all spontaneously organized by enterprises, which did not necessarily match the needs of consumers. Nowadays, through the visual presentation of big data, it is possible to discover the relevance of users to brand choices. Brands with a relatively high relevance can actively unite to provide users with preferential marketing or service interaction, so as to truly meet the needs of consumers.

   In terms of brand building, the field of e-commerce is undoubtedly a big blue ocean. Indeed, in today's era, mobile internet has developed into the second world of mankind, and the business opportunities in this world are enormous. If cabinet companies seize the opportunities in these areas and actively adjust their strategies, they must have a blockbuster in their future development.

  The cabinet industry in the shuffle period needs big data
   The cabinet industry will be reshuffled in the next five years. Whether it is a listed company, a state-owned enterprise or a private enterprise, the next five years will face a very severe situation. Especially in the next three years, it will be the normal state of the industry that big fish eat small fish and fast fish eat slow fish in the cabinet industry, because the market space is so large, which is also an inevitable result of market laws. Non-listed companies may basically be eliminated or integrated. How to avoid being in a disadvantaged position in the competition? How to choose the direction of transformation? No one can predict the future. To grasp the market and predict the future, a large amount of data needs to be analyzed. Moreover, the e-commerce, which is very popular in recent years, is the collection of data. Provides great convenience. It is imminent for the cabinet industry to move towards 'big data'.

   Although the development of the entire industry is inseparable from leading companies, it is at the current stage. Those small and medium-sized cabinet manufacturers with vision, characteristics and longevity are also indispensable, especially for applications that are about to usher in great development. As far as the industry is concerned, it is a time when hundreds of thousands of horses are striving for success, and the prospects of small and medium-sized enterprises can still be grasped.
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