The cabinet industry exchange conference held what ideas to bring to business operations

Recently, the Sichuan Interior Decoration Cabinet Industry Development Exchange Conference was held in Chengdu. As a subdivision of home improvement, the cabinet industry also needs to develop in coordination with home improvement, building materials and other industries in order to achieve the purpose of resource integration and provide consumers with more convenience. Decoration solutions. Moreover, the guests at the meeting also expressed that cabinets have a clear positioning in the future home improvement field, promoting the docking between cabinet companies and home improvement companies is also an effective means for cabinet companies to expand their business sources.

   Looking at my country's cabinet market, overall cabinets and ordinary cabinets are the two pillars of the industry. Compared with ordinary cabinets,

  The whole cabinet has many advantages, so in recent years, the whole cabinet has been gradually recognized by consumers and developed rapidly.

   Moreover, with the advent of the consumption upgrade era, people pay more and more attention to the decoration of the kitchen, making both ordinary cabinets and overall cabinets show a trend of rapid development.

   But as a sub-industry of furniture and home improvement, the cabinet industry has the characteristics of low concentration and low brand effect. Oupai Home Furnishing, which ranks first in sales, has a share of only 2.9% in the cabinet market.

   For companies, this situation has both advantages and disadvantages. However, for those companies that want to make some achievements, there are several ways to stand out: improve production efficiency, improve product quality, strengthen channel construction, do a good job in after-sales service, and build a brand effect based on this.

  Because the post-80s are gradually becoming the main consumer, cost performance and brand power have become the most important factors when people buy cabinets.

   According to the analysis of the Qianzhan Industry Research Institute, the current production process of the cabinet industry has been standardized, and there is little difference in production efficiency between enterprises. The difference in corporate profitability is also mainly due to the adverse effects of product structure, channel structure and company policies on the operating conditions of manufacturers.

  In terms of channels, direct sales stores require a large amount of rent and personnel and other sales and management costs, so their return on investment may not be higher than that of the dealer agent sales model. Therefore, if cabinet companies want to retain profits, after forming a certain brand awareness, they can quickly expand their sales scale by adopting the dealer model.

   In terms of market layout, first-tier cities are the most important regional consumer market for my country's overall cabinet industry. However, the advancement of urbanization and population mobility have brought new cabinet consumption entrances to third- and fourth-tier cities. The increase in the consumption level of residents in these areas, coupled with the sinking of cabinet business channels, will inevitably lead to these areas becoming the focus of market competition for cabinet companies.

   The consumption structure of the current cabinet market is also undergoing continuous changes. Low-end integrated cabinets are gradually being replaced by mid-to-high-end products. The market share of this category of products has also been relatively stable in recent years. Moreover, the changes in consumption concepts have made consumers willing to spend money to buy better products. Therefore, products with excellent product quality and better user experience are easily favored by consumers.

  In terms of policies, my country’s current subsidies for kitchen appliance companies to produce embedded kitchen appliances have also promoted the cabinet industry toward the integration of kitchen appliances. The changes in consumers' consumption concepts for kitchen appliances have also brought new development ideas to cabinet companies. Increasing kitchen appliances will increase the competitiveness of cabinet products and increase sales in the future.

   Furthermore, whole-house customization, information construction, etc., are also the key for cabinet companies to create differentiated competitiveness.
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