The cabinet industry enters the era of meager profit: cost problem VS moral bottom line

As the gap between supply and demand in the cabinet industry widens, cabinet companies are facing increasingly difficult situations. Raw materials, labor, and marketing costs are constantly rising, but product prices are unable to rise accordingly, and the profit margins for cabinet companies are getting smaller and smaller. The embarrassing situation of increasing production but not increasing income has made many cabinet companies embarrassed.

  The era of meager profit has come quietly

   Looking at the domestic and even global environment for the development of the cabinet industry, no matter from the macro or micro level, it is impossible to change the development trend of the cabinet industry's 'mean profit'. The price of raw materials has been rising, labor costs have risen sharply, and the competition of product homogeneity has become more and more serious. Consumers are increasingly calling for personalized, green cabinet products. Under the macro environment of increasing international trade barriers, the 'high output, low income' situation of the cabinet industry has become more and more serious-everyone does not know that the 'mean profit era' of the entire cabinet industry has quietly arrived.

   Keep the bottom line of corporate ethics-strictly control quality

   The advent of the “time of meager profit” caught the cabinet companies by surprise. Many cabinet companies began to use their brains. In order to survive, they kept the “red line” of cost, but made the “bottom line” of quality at risk. The 'cost line' is the 'survival line' of an enterprise, and the 'quality line' is the 'lifeline' of an enterprise. Various quality inspections have made many well-known brands and companies on the quality inspection blacklist. While causing an uproar in the industry, it also aroused the thoughts of other businesses and consumers. Although most companies understand the principle of winning by 'qualityAcknowledge that, to do a good job of the word 'quality

  Use innovation to control the 'small profit era'

  Jiuzheng Building Materials Network believes that if cabinet companies want to reduce costs without sacrificing product quality and obtain greater profits at the same time, they must strengthen technological innovation, further explore the saving points in the enterprise production process, and strengthen cost control Focusing on improving the added value of products is also an effective means to balance costs and profits, and at the same time, it can also ensure the quality of products so as not to affect the overall development of the enterprise. Consumers are increasingly calling for green cabinets. If cabinet companies want to explore new marketing models, they also need to pay more attention to the environmental performance of their products and innovate mechanisms to control the original. 'The era of meager profit' makes cabinet enterprises difficult to transform in the 'throttle' and gradually embark on a new path of circular development. Standardizing and refining production standards and putting the 'green' concept throughout the production of cabinet products is not only where the market trend lies, but also where the future of the entire cabinet industry lies.
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