The cabinet e-commerce road is difficult to take advantage of its advantages to feed back the construction of physical stores

Driven by the Internet, e-commerce has achieved unprecedented rapid development. E-commerce platforms such as Taobao, Tmall,, and Dangdang have risen rapidly in just a few years and have successfully captured the consumer market in various industries. And this e-commerce dispute has an intensifying trend, which also makes cabinet companies inevitably begin to 'just about to move' to e-commerce. However, the cabinet e-commerce investment is large, but the return is unpredictable, so wait-and-see has become the norm for more cabinet companies.

   cabinet companies have difficulty testing water and e-commerce

   For cabinet companies, testing water and e-commerce is more like a last resort to be 'forced to Liangshan.' Although as an emerging sales channel, e-commerce is a good way for companies to broaden their channels, when other companies are flocking to open up e-commerce channels, they will be worried about being left behind if they don’t join in, and they are also afraid of potential e-commerce in the future. Lost the opportunity in the commercial market.

   However, the investment and effectiveness of e-commerce development is difficult to achieve at least in the short term-if the investment is less, it is impossible to do well in the e-commerce; if the investment is too much, whether the company has so much money to burn '? Coupled with the well-known logistics and service problems, there are still many questions.

  Using the advantages of e-commerce to build store channels

   As the current basic sales method of the cabinet industry, the store's experience is undeniable, and the real touch and visual experience cannot be replaced by the Internet. And if cabinet manufacturers directly test water and e-commerce or support e-commerce, the harm to physical stores will be concrete and realistic, and it will harm the brand in the long run. Because almost no product does not require experience.

   Therefore, with the rapid development of the Internet, online shopping has become one of the main shopping methods for consumers. Although cabinet companies are unlikely to achieve results in e-commerce channels in the short term, they may as well learn to use the advantages of e-commerce. Preferential prices and convenient information dissemination are used in traditional store sales to strive to maintain a greater foothold in the fiercely competitive market.
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