The cabinet company launches multiple marketing, the traditional business model is rejuvenated

In the new era, cabinet companies use the Internet and big data to start new marketing ideas. The capacity pre-sale function is conducive to the scientific planning of capacity and output for enterprises, and the way for cabinet companies to expand the market is not only through online sales, but also through business alliances, private customization, group purchases and other methods to increase sales.

   pre-sales revitalize the traditional business model

  During the impact of e-commerce and the transformation of the industry, various cabinet companies are thinking about new business models. However, the new business model does not need to completely abandon the experience accumulated by traditional cabinet merchants over the years. The traditional business model can be given a new breath through new information tools such as the Internet and big data. This is the case with the pre-sale model.

  The pre-sale model not only solves the supplier’s billing period problem, but also allows cabinet merchants to find a shortcut to reduce losses, and solves the problems of traditional cabinet channels such as ordering by experience for many years and poor inventory. After online pre-sales, cabinet companies can provide accurate booking plans for purchases based on sales data and member feedback.

  Online and offline marketing can hit sales time difference

   Industry insiders said that cabinet companies can promote new products at relatively favorable prices, or deal with backlog products, whether they are marketing in physical stores or on the Internet, to compete for the peak season of competitors through the time difference in sales. market. Cabinet companies should strengthen their own research and development capabilities and launch new cabinets ahead of their competitors. Of course, they should also keep some classic products for sale during peak seasons to prevent competitors from taking the market during peak seasons.

   Use business alliances to effectively mine related customers

   And cabinet companies adopt the approach of business alliances, which can effectively tap related customers. For example, cooperate with real estate companies, home improvement companies, wedding supplies and other institutions to accurately capture target customer information, communicate diligently, and carry out precision marketing. In addition, cabinet companies can expand the group buying market for enterprises and institutions. As long as each enterprise and institution mobilizes several consumers, it will bring more consumers and even form a group buying scale.

   In recent years, personalized customization business has become more and more popular with consumers, and cabinet companies can also carry out such business. Merchants can recommend related product solutions according to consumers' preferences and room decoration styles, and can also customize names, photos and other commemorative patterns according to consumers' needs.
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