Technological innovation and channel expansion are the key directions for cabinet companies to fight

In 2015, cabinet companies will usher in a period of fierce competition, and the cabinet industry will gradually show a new watershed: the strong are stronger, and the weak are weaker. Under this circumstance, only by taking into account the two aspects of product technology innovation and channel expansion, cabinet companies can occupy a favorable position in the fierce market competition.

  Product technology innovation is still dominant

  How should cabinet companies deploy in 2015? No matter what, it is natural to put technological innovation in the first place. Since the development of the cabinet industry, product technology has always been a huge obstacle. Although the cabinet industry can be regarded as a relatively mature industry in the home building materials industry, the cabinet industry has not formed a strong international market in the development of the country for many years. Competitiveness. The technological innovation of cabinet enterprises is a big help to promote the development of enterprises and the progress of the industry. Most of the technological innovations in the cabinet industry in our country are still in the 'primary stageLearn more from the international cabinet giants. Therefore, cabinet companies need to establish the correct technological innovation strategy.

   Channel expansion becomes the key to enterprise development

   According to industry insiders, 2015 will be a critical year for industry consolidation. The wave of bankruptcies among small and medium-sized enterprises may intensify, and capital and branding will face greater challenges. In addition, there will also be changes in channels. The advantages of traditional channels will decline from 2015. Coupled with the rapid development of Internet marketing, e-commerce channels may be successful, or they may surpass traditional channels and stand at the forefront of the first year of the platform. . Cabinet companies should also attach importance to marketing channels, work hard on channel expansion, and seek channels suitable for corporate development.

   In short, under the pressure of the market, cabinet companies can only win the market by increasing product technological innovation and channel expansion, and can gain more living space in the industry battle in 2015!
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