Taste and beauty go hand in hand, Baishi Jinggong marble shines at Shuitou Stone Fair

News from our newspaper: On November 8th, the 15th Shuitou International Stone Fair just opened, but an inconspicuous booth at A2-2 was already crowded. Visitors filled the booths, savoured the exquisite exhibits inside the pavilion, and remembered the resounding name of this newly born brand: Baishi·Jinggong Marble.

[Beautiful women help out, focus on Baishi]
Five foreign beauties wore Hundred Rock Seiko Dali banners, and pedal bicycles freely shuttled through the venue. The beautiful figures became the most eye-catching sight of this stone fair. Baishi Jinggong marble is designed for freedom, with the beauty of horizontal paving, vertical paving and vertical paving, and rhombus paving with the elegance of rhombus paving. These all depend on your heart, follow your own heart, and let your heart and space dissolve.

Marble is a collection that can be played with. Each piece is out of print in the world. If you taste it carefully, no matter the texture or texture, each piece is different. This is the charm of marble and the charm of decorating the space by yourself. Do it yourself, be yourself, own space, decorate yourself.
[Keep improving, taste first]
Baishi Seiko marble products are divided into Seiko background wall series and Seiko floor series, covering 8 classic colors such as beige, beige, brown and gray, and more than 40 styles of different styles. Seiko quality has attracted a large number of people to stop and admire. Subvert people's inherent concept of stone grade with design, exquisite every detail of the product with fine workmanship, and insist that every person who designs life with heart is his own master of stone.

At present, Baishi·Jinggong Marble is in the process of rigorously attracting investment in some parts of Greater China.
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