Take you to visit Ni Ni’s home. For the first time, I saw pink-green cabinets. The decoration and collocation are too small and fresh.

Take you to visit Ni Ni’s home. For the first time, I saw the pink-green cabinets. The decoration is too small and fresh. Many people like to watch Ni Ni’s film and television dramas. In the film and television dramas, Ni Ni plays various roles, and Ni Ni is proficient. Acting skills will make it easy for the audience to remember the characters she plays. Friends who follow Ni Ni know that Ni Ni started to become popular in the entertainment industry after she played the role of Yumo. From then on, her acting career began to be even more important. Going smoothly, Ni Ni has had two more concerned romances, but unfortunately they ended up with a breakup and became a pity for many people. Ni Ni in her life has a cheerful and lively personality, and the decoration at home is as elegant as the impression she left. . Ni Ni’s image is very fresh and natural, and the decoration of her home also makes people feel her elegant temperament. The room as a whole adopts a very modern and simple decoration method, incorporating some fashionable decoration elements and large The natural, fresh and elegant style creates a very elegant visual effect. Ni Ni is a girl who loves to laugh, and the decoration of her home seems to incorporate such cheerful elements, which makes people fall in love at first sight. The decoration effect presented by the combination of white and light brown is unexpected. It seems that the room is full of the smell of sunlight, which makes it easy for people to fall in love with this decoration style. In addition, it is the first time I have seen pink green cabinets. It's too young and fresh. Ni Ni is very casual at home. It may not be the same as what we usually see in front of the TV. There are so many things in the shoes and hats that can’t fit on the shelves, and they have to be put on the ground, although it looks a little messy. , But there is no way there is not enough storage space. And even if the home is a little messy, it will not affect the warm feeling that the home brings to people. The dog is also lying on the ground and enjoying this wonderful time with the owner. The light gray sofa is made of cotton and linen. The unique feel of this material makes many people like it. The bookshelves in the room are full of books. It seems that there is no extra space for other things. Isn't it funny that the little cat in the eyes looks blank? A plate of pie on the dining table doesn't look very good. I don't know how it tastes. The surface of the maroon red wood grain dining table is very shiny. The golden curtains in the living room have been drawn, and when the windows are closed, the whole room will feel more secure.
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