Star brand is not a panacea, cabinet quality is the king of development

It is nothing new for cabinet companies to invite celebrities to endorse, but all 'local tyrants' companies will invite celebrities to endorse. It is an instant success to enhance the company's reputation, saving time and effort, and the effect is very obvious. In summary, most companies choose to take shortcuts when economic conditions permit. Of course, some companies choose to stick to their market strategies step by step.

  Product technology upgrade is the most powerful guarantee for an enterprise

  The cabinet industry is closely related to people's lives, and the quality of its products directly affects people's health. Therefore, no matter when cabinet companies must put product safety in the first place, only by allowing consumers to use them safely can companies win the favor of consumers in the fierce competition.

   Celebrity endorsements are gorgeous wrapping papers. To truly win the hearts of consumers, we must ultimately rely on quality to speak. A relevant person in charge of a cabinet company said: 'An international high-end cabinet brand, with excellent performance and high quality products is the best spokesperson.' In this disputed market, limited resources should be invested in product upgrades and technology upgrades, rather than sending Look at the so-called fan effect.

   Use quality to speak for the company to win word of mouth

   For an enterprise, the concept of success cannot be separated from the guarantee of product quality, while facing the test of consumers and society with integrity. 'Quality is the root, based on the market; honesty is morality, serving customers

   Xiaobian believes that a lot of celebrity advertising endorsements are just wide-ranging announcements, boasting about the functionality of the product. In the long run, it is not good news for companies. Maybe it's an untimely bomb. Because of this, some cabinet companies are unwilling to spend money to hire celebrities, and insist on using quality to speak. Looking at the current cabinet industry, down-to-earth is still the construction feature of the cabinet industry. It can be said that with good market prospects and customized industry characteristics, celebrity endorsements have not really tempted cabinet companies.
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