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Stainless steel hinge application instructions

by:Hench Hardware     2021-06-21

In modern times, stainless steel hinges are mostly used in households and industrial equipment. It can be said that stainless steel hinges are inseparable from life today. This article takes you one step to understand stainless steel hinges.

When used on doors and windows, the stainless steel hinges only rotate, but in many cases hinges and hinges can be replaced with each other, but in some cases, hinges should be used, such as inverted windows. However, it is difficult to meet the force requirements for large casement windows using hinges, so hinges are needed at this time.

Stainless steel hinges are mainly installed on doors and windows, while hinges are more installed on cabinets. The stainless steel hinge can prevent the window from blowing back and damage when it is opened, while the hinge can provide a certain level of friction and can be used alone. The hydraulic hinge has a certain cushioning effect and can reduce noise.

K205-Stainless steel hinge

Using SUS304 material

Maximum opening angle 90°

Purpose: Automation Equipment, cabinets, etc.

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