Stainless steel door with installation parameters


The door handle is usually a multiple of 32 mm, and the common size is 96 mm. There are many larger models, such as 128 mm and 192 mm. Use a tape measure to measure the distance of the installation hole of the handle, use the handle to draw the door panel and measure the installation position on the wardrobe or cabinet door.

Choose a suitable size drill bit, insert the electric drill, and use the drill bit to drill the screw mounting holes. Hold the handle with the outer hand, and transfer the screws from the inside of the cabinet to the outside from the inside. Align the screws with the handle mounting holes and tighten them with a screwdriver.

M35B-Stainless steel door configuration

Use SUS304 material

Stainless steel hidden handle, different sizes and shapes are available, mounting holes are available Hidden, exposed

Usage: emergency doors, kitchen doors, various cabinets, measuring equipment

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